Do Angry Pirates Dream

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Do Angry Pirates Dream

Quest giver
Lower La Noscea (X:26, Y:33)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 5,280
Gil 220
Previous quest
Righting the Shipwright
Next quest
Victory in Peril

Victory foreman Ahtbyrm is considering recommending you for an important job involving drydock security.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Confront the suspicious individuals.


  • Head of the Moraby Drydocks watch, Ghimthota has asked Victory foreman Ahtbyrm to recommend an adventurer to assist the watch in learning more about a band of suspicious individuals who have recently made camp on the Gods' Grip. The foreman has recommended you. Hurry over to the aetheryte to receive your orders.
  • Ghimthota believes the suspicious individuals in question to be pirates who are planning to sabotage the Victory. She wishes you to infiltrate their gang and see if you can learn anything of their intentions. Speak with C'nangho stationed at the rear gate for details on the exact location of the pirates' camp.
  • The pirates were last seen to the southeast near an ancient stone known as the mark of the Spinner.
  • Your conversations with the suspicious characters reveal that they truly are pirates, and that they could be plotting a kidnapping. Report this to Ghimthota at once.
  • Upon learning of the pirates' plot, Ghimthota resolves to increase patrols of the area. However, who could this “boy” of which the pirates speak be?