Revenge of the Chefsbane

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Revenge of the Chefsbane

Way of the Culinarian.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:10, Y:8)
Required items
1 Eft steak icon1.png  Eft Steak
1 Beef stew icon1.png  Beef Stew
1 Trappers quiche icon1.png  Trapper's Quiche
1 Crowned pie icon1.png  Crowned Pie
Experience 210,600
Gil 0
Previous quest
A Taste of Home
Next quest
Wait on Me

Lyngsath needs you to prepare a banquet fit for a sultana.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Lyngsath needs you to prepare a banquet fit for a sultana.
  • Word of your talents has reached the sultana of Ul'dah, who has requested that your culinary creations be served at her welcoming supper. Alas, while Her Majesty specified the chef, she did not specify what she desires to eat. In order to decide upon the menu, Lyngsath recommends you seek the counsel of Diving Dove.
  • Diving Dove suspects that Lord Lolorito, the man culinarians fear as the Chefsbane, organized this royal visit for the sole purpose of discrediting the Bismarck. Seek Latisha's counsel on how you might go about averting disaster.
  • So as to discover the sultana's preferences, Latisha suggests that you seek the advice of Ul'dahn visitors to the city. She also directs you speak with her former colleague, Rubh Epocan of Mealvaan's Gate.
  • You have succeeded in identifying four of the sultana's favorite dishes. Return to Latisha with the information.
  • After some deliberation, it has been decided that you will prepare all four dishes for the sultana. Prepare an eft steak, a bowl of beef stew, a serving of trapper's quiche, and a crowned pie—all of the highest quality—and deliver them to the banquet venue. Speak with Zanthael at Bulwark Hall to gain admittance.
  • Much to your relief, the sultana is tremendously satisfied with her meal, and Lord Lolorito's plot to humiliate you and the Bismarck is foiled. For the second time, you have gotten the better of the Chefsbane. Deliver the glad tidings to Lyngsath.
  • Lyngsath applauds your recent success, and goes as far to say you have surpassed him in fame. He bids you apply your skills for the benefit of the realm, and promises that he will strive to do the same.