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"Our trade's as tough as old mutton, an' passion's the only thing what gets us through the gristly bits."

Head chef of the Bismarck and master of the Culinarians' Guild, Lyngsath Hyllbornsyn learned his trade aboard a merchant vessel that ventured far and wide across the five seas. As such, the Sea Wolf is well versed in foreign techniques and ingredients, and behind his every dish are his forty-two summers' worth of experience in the kitchens. Unbound by conventional thinking and recipes, he is famous for borrowing from multiple traditions to create new culinary wonders.

— In-game description

Lyngsath is a Roegadyn found in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
My First Skillet Class quest 1 Lyngsath
A Treat of Trout Class quest 5 Lyngsath
Dodo It Yourself Class quest 10 Lyngsath
On a Skewer Tip Class quest 15 Lyngsath
Releasing a Burden Class quest 20 Lyngsath
Winning Friends with Aldgoat Class quest 25 Lyngsath
The Chefsbane Cometh Class quest 30 Lyngsath
Of Cooks and Books Class quest 35 Lyngsath
Diplomacy of the Skillet Class quest 40 Lyngsath
A Taste of Home Class quest 45 Lyngsath
Revenge of the Chefsbane Class quest 50 Lyngsath
Wait on Me Class quest 50 Lyngsath
Flavors of the Far East Class quest 60 Lyngsath

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Licensed to Reave Sidequest 2 Mordyn
Pans of Steel Class quest 35 H'naanza
Way of the Culinarian Feature quest 1 Charlys
Looking for Some Hot Stuff Class quest 55 Melkoko
Love Meat Tender Class quest 58 Melkoko
The Spirit of Hospitality Class quest 60 Melkoko
A Broth from the Brine Class quest 65 Raulf

Additional Information

Lyngsath Hyllbornsyn's name means "Long Knife" and "Hell Boar's son," respectively, in the traditional Roegadyn language.


Lyngsath works with the various members of the Culinarian's Guild, teaching them the basic techniques of cooking, and aiding them in honing their skills. He worked with the Warrior of Light, helping them cook various meals for their fellow guildmates. He also aided in preparing the Warrior of Light to make a dish for the Sultana as part of the plan of Lolorito, a powerful member of The Syndicate who intended to close the restaurant down and humiliate the Warrior of Light. After the amazing banquet delivered by them, Lyngsath thanked them for doing right by him and the guild.

During the Dellemont d'Or, Lyngsath recommended the Warrior of Light to take part in the competition and represent The Bismarck. When they came head-to-head with H'mhasi Tia and Melkoko Melko wishes to increase the stakes of the final match of the competition, Lyngsath puts the ownership for the restaurant on the line, putting complete faith in the Warrior of Light and their cooking ability. When the Warrior of Light earns the first ever ten in the history of the competition, Lyngsath congratulates them and thanks them for saving the Bismarck once again, encouraging them to continue their journey as a Culinarian.