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Where Eagles Nest

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Where Eagles Nest

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Quest giver
Gangos (X:6.4, Y:5.7)
Quest line
Resistance Weapons Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestVows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty
Experience 0
Gil 979
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Bozja Incident
Feature QuestFire in the Forge
Next quest
Feature QuestA Sober Proposal

The look of resolve in Marsak's eyes tells you the time for battle draws near.

— In-game description




This quest requires completion of the Patch 5.1 MSQ, as noted in the quest infobox.



  • The look of resolve in Marsak's eyes tells you the time for battle draws near.
  • The rebirth of Gunnhildr's Blades has sparked a fire within the Resistance, their forces drawing ever closer to Castrum Lacus Litore. Having recently reclaimed Utya's Aegis, an outpost on the southern front, Marsak has asked Sjeros to escort you there, that you might assess the situation for yourself.
  • With little preamble, Sjeros agrees to guide you to Utya's Aegis, where Bajsaljen plans to introduce you to a rather remarkable group of soldiers.
  • Bajsaljen is proud to present to you the new Gunnhildr's Blades, though the members present do not comprise the guard in its entirety. The remaining members have already taken to the field, laboring to advance the front line toward the castrum. Having thus explained the situation, it occurs to Bajsaljen that you have yet to see the fortress with your own eyes. Seeking to rectify this, he invites you to look out over the battlefield and behold the object of their struggles.
  • As you look upon the castrum, towering in the distance, Bajsaljen speaks to you of their initiative to reclaim it, Operation Eagle's Nest. Before you join his troops in the field, however, he asks that you speak with Mikoto.
  • You find Mikoto in the company of Misija, and they have exciting news to share─an analysis of the crystal focus has proven that it can be recharged. The problem, however, is the means to do so requires infiltrating imperial territory. Nevertheless, plans to restore the crystal focus are well underway. Plans that will require your assistance to succeed.
  • Mikoto appears fearful of the dangers yet to come, but she understands that you both must do what needs be done. She bids you safe travels as you ready to brave the Bozjan southern front.