Creation of Eorzea

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Each of Eorzea's tribes and races has a different creation myth, covering a wide range of gods and goddesses that breathed life into the land, making it what they see today. However, amongst Eorzeans, there is one widely accepted creation myth penned by Lewphon of Sharlayan, who spent his entire academic career observing the various creation mythos of the world and compiling the overlap into what is believed to be a definitive myth:

"In the beginning there was neither light nor darkness. Only the Whorl. And it was not until Althyk emerged thence in his nakedness, did time take its first step forward. With Him, the Keeper also carried weight, and with weight were the realms of land and firmament defined.

Yet Althyk would not be alone overlong, for soon from the Whorl did another step forth. Her name was Nymeia, and She was but a mewling babe who could do naught but weep, and soon Her tears had created a vast lake. Althyk, seeking companionship in the empty realm of His creation, took the younger goddess under His wing and cared for Her as one would a daughter. As Nymeia grew, however, so too, did their love for one another, until it could no longer be contained, culminating in a divine coupling which resulted in the birth of two holy daughters- Azeyma, the sun, and Menphina, the moon-and with their advent, was day and night conceived.

So did countless cycles of light and darkness pass before from the Whorl, once again, did another step forth. Thaliak, bearer of wisdom and knowledge, looked upon the silent and unchanging lake left by Nymeia's tears and coaxed from it a river to carry that water to the far corners of the realm. Azyema, drawn to Thaliak's sagacity, professed Her love to the new deity and begot Him two daughters-the first being Llymlaen, who took the water created by her grandmother and expanded it into the world's seas. The second daughter was lonely Nophica, who, wanting for companionship, created Her own playmates, and thus brought life into the world.

It was not until life had spread throughout the land and newly created seas that a new god appeared, though whence the others did not know, for the Whorl lay dormant. His name was Oschon, and where He wandered did towering mountains rise from level plains. With the formation of these spires did cold wind flow from on high down to the warm seas and back up again, carrying life that was once reserved for land and water into the skies.

Those winds did bring love into the heart of Llymlaen, yet though she longed to be with Oschon, His wanderlust prevented the two from ever being joined overlong, and lo did they never beget children of their own. This was a time of great creation, but great chaos. Oschon's mountains rose and fell at His whims, Thaliak's rivers flowed hither and thither, and Llymlaen's seas ever expanded, swallowing entire swathes of land before the gods even knew they were gone. To bring order to this chaos, Nymeia pried forth a mighty comet from the heavens and gave it life, directing it down into the world that it may destroy the excess Her sons and daughters had wrought, while bringing harmony once again to the realm.

And for many days and nights was the world calm, the gods content in the order which now reigned supreme. That is until the Whorl woke from its slumber and beckoned forth two final deities- Byregot and His younger sister Halone. It was feared that the untamed and ambitious siblings might once again usher chaos unto the world, so to see that they were properly disciplined, Nymeia quickly made them wards of Rhalgr, the Destroyer.

A builder by nature, Byregot resented His new stepfather who could teach him only of destruction, choosing instead to spend most of His time in the tutelage of Thaliak. The Scholar bestowed upon His eager student the knowledge He would use to forge the tools and techniques of creation. Though more open to Her new father's teachings, Halone too, grew restless, longing to test Her strength. An opportunity arose when Oschon invited the young goddess on one of His journeys. It was during these travels that Halone's ambition slowly transformed into a lust for battle. Whilst on the road, she would challenge every creature She met, honing Her skills and methodically devising new techniques for killing.

When Nophica, mother of life, learned of Halone's wanton destruction of Her creations, she was angered beyond words and swore revenge, but the Fury ignored the Matron's challenges, widening the rift between the two. Oschon, feeling responsible for this rift, devised a plan to calm Nophica. From within the mountains of His creation, Oschon summoned a fount of magma which spewed forth onto the land. Upon cooling, the magma took form of the Twelfth and final god-the dual aspected Nald'thal. With Nald'thal, Oschon had provided a god to oversee the souls of those who met their deaths and provide them with peace in the afterlife. Satisfied that Her creations would no longer wander the void aimlessly, Nophica agreed to a truce with Halone.

And with the advent of the Twelfth and final god was the pantheon complete. But before they could call an end to Their toil, They first required a realm in which They could reside and watch over Their myriad creation. To this end, they created the Seven Heavens, and to there did They finally retreat, bequeathing rule of Eorzea to mankind."