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Byregot is the purveyor of architecture and industry, and god of the arts. He commands the element of lightning and is associated with the seventh moon of the Eorzean calendar. He is most often depicted as an ardent smith with a two-handed hammer. His symbol is the hand.


According to Eorzean myth, Byregot was "beckoned forth" from The Whorl, along with his younger sister Halone. Rhalgr is considered the father of Byregot and his sister, because Nymeia quickly made them wards of Rhalgr after their emergence from the Whorl. Byregot is also known as a pupil of Thaliak, who was responsible for teaching him how to create, where his adoptive father Rhalgr could only teach him of destruction. [1][2]

According to the Faith of the Twelve, the Heaven of Lightning contains a massive clockwork spire was forged by Byregot using metal from a comet, and powered by the levinbolts of Rhalgr. This is the resting place of engineers, architects, revolutionaries and the conquerors of evil. Levin charged fragments fall from here into the Pit, forming the Hell of Lightning, a land of damnation for vandals, slumlords and warmongers.[3]

Worship Practices and Organizations

There is no formal 'order of Byregot' that worships him in modern-day Eorzea, but crafting professionals across the land revere him and offer prayers to guide their careful hands.[4]

Holy Sites

The Mark of Byregot

Saints and Important Figures

Saint Basqual

A captain charged with defense of a city under sieged, who charged into battle naked to raise the morale of his troops. Celebrated for his devotion to maintaining morale, recounted in the tale of Saint Basqual and the Rampart.[5]

Myths of the Realm

Following the events of Endwalker, reports begin to surface about adventurers encountering Byregot in present-day Eorzea.

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