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Squadron and Commander (Immortal Flames)

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Squadron and Commander (Immortal Flames)

Quest giver
Flame Personnel Officer
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:8, Y:9)
Quest line
The Immortal Flames
Required quest
Rising to the Challenge
Second Flame Lieutenant in The Immortal Flames
Experience 0
Gil 0

 ※ You are now the commander of an adventurer squadron!

— In-game description




Squadron and Commander (Immortal Flames) is a level 47 quasi-quest. There are no steps to this quest: Talking to the questgiver both accepts and completes the quest. It will immediately unlock access to Adventurer Squadrons.



There are no journal entries for this quest.


Flame Personnel Officer: Lieutenant [Surname]! I'm certain that your duties with the Immortal Flames demand much of your time already, but if I might have a word?
Flame Personnel Officer: I'll get right to the point, Lieutenant. The higher-ups have authorized plans to form a specialized squad and we're on the lookout for a reliable leader. Your name was at the top of the list.
Flame Personnel Officer: You would be responsible for training and commanding a number of adventurer subordinates, and the position also comes with the possibility of further promotion. What say you, Lieutenant? Are you ready to lead?
Q1: Become a squadron commander?
A1: No
Flame Personnel Officer: Ah. Well, that's not the response I was hoping for, but it's best we're all honest here. A hesitant commander is a danger to his/her own troops.
A1: Yes
Flame Personnel Officer: Outstanding! Let's get you acquainted with your second-in-command right away.
Squadron Sergeant: It's an honor to be serving with you, Lieutenant [Surname]! In my capacity as your aide, I'll be filling the role of squadron sergeant.
Squadron Sergeant: And these eager troopers are the inaugural members of our squadron. Form up!
Squadron Sergeant: Every one of them is a fledgling adventurer who enlisted in the hopes of following in your legendary footsteps. They're green to the military, aye, but we'll harden them up soon enough.
Squadron Sergeant: When you've a moment to spare, stop by the barracks and we can discuss their training and deployment in greater detail.
Squadron Sergeant: I'll leave you to it, then, Commander.
Flame Personnel Officer: What do you think? I'll admit they're raw as soldiers go, but they certainly have potential. I look forward to seeing what you can do with them.
Flame Personnel Officer: Right, I won't keep you any longer. Your squad's barracks can be found through the door at the back of the Hall of Flames.
Flame Personnel Officer: May Nald'thal bless you with fortune!
System: You are now the commander of an adventurer squadron!
System: Enter the Flame Barracks and speak with your squadron sergeant to issue deployment orders.