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Type Kill Boss
Location Yanxia - Valley of the Fallen Rainbow (x??,y??)
Level 67
Duration 30m
Starting NPC Mikuzume
Friendly NPC Mikuzume, Tamamo Gozen
Enemies Koshu Onmyoji, Shikigami Koja
Description Onmyoji from the Hingan island of Koshu seek to kidnap the young Maiden Mikuzume and subject her to their fell rituals of exorcism. Slay the false priests before the girl is harmed.
Rewards Sassho-seki Fragment
Experience 201,690
Gil 134
Company Seals 385
Respawn Time 120m
Previous FATE Ginko
Next FATE Foxy Lady
Outfoxed is a level 67 Kill Boss FATE in Yanxia at Valley of the Fallen Rainbow (x31.2, y8.8). It is the culmination of a FATE chain and successful completion of it spawns the Rare Boss FATE Foxy Lady within seconds to about 48 hours.

FATE Chain

  • Ginko's More to Offer (x20.3, y7.4).
  • Kinko's Freedom Flies (x13.0, y30.5).
  • Mikuzume's Outfoxed (x31.2, y8.8) (within 20 minutes).

After its completion, you can wait 48 hours at The Heron's Flight (x34.5, y13.0) for the Namai Elder to spawn, which indicates Foxy Lady is up.


Upon completion players will receive one Sassho-seki Fragment.


  • Gold Fox will appear at The Heron's Flight (x34.5, y13.0).

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