The Company You Keep (Twin Adder)

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The Company You Keep (Twin Adder)

The Company You Keep (Twin Adder) Image.png
Quest giver
Serpent Officer
The Waking Sands (X:6.8, Y:6.1)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 6,960
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestA Hero in the Making
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestWood's Will Be Done

The Twin Adder recruitment officer seems eager to welcome you to Gridania's Grand Company.

— In-game description







  • The Twin Adder recruitment officer seems eager to welcome you to Gridania's Grand Company.
  • You have confirmed your intention to join the ranks of the Order of the Twin Adder. Visit the Adders' Nest in Gridania, and speak with the personnel officer to be formally inducted into the Grand Company.
  • Your formal induction into the Order of the Twin Adder is interrupted by an urgent report concerning an imperial attack on a Highwind Skyways airship. Head to the area southeast of Nine Ivies and determine the fate of the crippled vessel and its crew.
  • You have defeated the imperial soldiers intent on requisitioning the downed airship. You learn that the vessel's crew, Biggs and Wedge, are engineers from Garlond Ironworks, and that Master Garlond himself has been missing since the Calamity. Return to the Adders' Nest and report to the personnel officer.
  • Back at the Adders' Nest, the personnel officer praises your efforts, and reassures you that the two engineers you encountered were able to continue on their way. He then expresses his eagerness to complete your induction into the ranks of the Order of the Twin Adder. Speak with him once more when you are ready to attend to the formalities.


Accepting the Quest

Serpent Officer: Ah, I take it the Elder Seedseer's words have touched your heart. Have you resolved to entwine your destiny with that of the Twin Adder?
{Join the Order of the Twin Adder?}
Serpent Officer: Ah...forgive me. In my eagerness to embrace you as a sister/brother, I mistook your intention.
{Join the Order of the Twin Adder?}
Serpent Officer: You have chosen wisely, my friend! The Elder Seedseer will be overjoyed! 
Serpent Officer: Without further ado, let us speak of practical matters. In order to complete the enrollment procedure, you must report to the Adders' Nest.
Serpent Officer: I daresay you know it well from your wanderings in New Gridania. Give your name to the personnel officer there, and he will guide you through the formalities. 
Serpent Officer: I have no doubt but that your deeds will bring great honor to our order. When next we meet in Gridania, I shall be proud to call you sister/brother!

Speaking with the Personnel Officer

Serpent Personnel Officer: You are come to the Adders' Nest, headquarters of the Order of the Twin Adder. Ever do we welcome they who would toil in the elementals' name for the good of our forest nation.
{How will you respond?}
{My name is [First name] [Last name]. I believe you are expecting me.}
Serpent Personnel Officer: Ah, the great adventurer herself/himself! Yes, our recruitment officer sent word that you were on your way. It is a pleasure and an honor both to welcome you to our ranks, friend.
{How will you respond?}
{I am here to enlist, if you will have me.}
Serpent Personnel Officer: Ah! Might you be [First name] [Last name]? I thought as much! Our recruitment officer sent word that you would be coming. It is a pleasure and a honor both to welcome you to our ranks.
Serpent Personnel Officer: Now, let me gather together the relevant documentation... 
Serpent Private: Sir! 
Serpent Personnel Officer: What is it? Report. 
Serpent Private: An urgent message from Amarissaix's Spire, sir! A Highwind Skyways airship has taken fire from imperial forces in the skies over the East Shroud! 
Serpent Private: The vessel's engines were crippled, sir, and it was forced to make an emergency landing southeast of Nine Ivies. 
Serpent Personnel Officer: Nine Ivies? Gods, this could not have come at a worse time. All but a handful of our forces are presently afield, dealing with the Ixal. 
Serpent Personnel Officer: [First name]─I know full well you have yet to be formally inducted into our ranks, but we have urgent need of your aid.  
Serpent Personnel Officer: In all likelihood, the airship was bearing civilians, and if the reports are accurate, it will have come down dangerously close to Garlean-occupied territory. 
Serpent Personnel Officer: Please make all haste to the area southeast of Nine Ivies, locate the airship, and ascertain the status of the passengers.

Find the Fate of the Airship Crew (Cutscene)

Airship Crewman: An adventurer!? What're you doing out here? No, wait─let's find some cover first... 
Airship Crewman: The Adders' Nest sent you? How do I know you're not an imperial spy? You don't even have a uniform! 
Serpent Lieutenant: Peace, friend─we mean you no harm. You are an engineer of Garlond Ironworks, are you not? We were alerted to your plight, and have come to rescue you. 
Serpent Lieutenant: And you are [First name] [Last name], I presume. I was told to expect an “honorary” Serpent. My thanks for your aid, friend. 
Imperial Soldier: I've never seen a craft of this design... It must be Garlond's work. Is there no end to the man's treachery? 
Imperial Soldier: The secrets of magitek belong in imperial hands. They are not to be squandered on Eorzean savages! 
Imperial Soldier: We are taking this craft back to the fortress! Dismantle it if you must! And bring the engineer! Someone must pay for Garlond's crimes. 
Serpent Lieutenant: Imperial scouts from Castrum Oriens. They mean to requisition the ship. 
Airship Crewman: Wedge! You have to help him! That fool of a Lalafell was hiding inside the Tiny Bronco! 
Serpent Lieutenant: The Tiny Bronco? But isn't that the Ironworks' latest creation!? 
Airship Crewman: It's the first airship we've built since the Calamity─the first since Master Garlond...well, since he went missing. 
Airship Crewman: After years of work, she was finally ready for her first test flight. And she was soaring, she really was─till those bastards blasted her out of the sky! 
Serpent Lieutenant: Attend me, all: the Ironworks' latest creation must not fall into Garlean hands. We shall strike them, swift and sure, and rescue Engineer Wedge. 
Serpent Lieutenant: [First name], I trust we can rely on your support.   
Serpent Lieutenant: May the Matron watch over us! With me! 
Imperial Soldier: An ambush! To arms! 

Solo Duty

Serpent Gladiator: Leave none standing! 
Imperial Decurion: Keep them away from the airship!

Imperial Decurion: Savages! You cannot stand against the might of the Empire! 
Imperial Decurion: This has gone on long enough! 
Imperial Decurion: Annihilate these barbarians! Teach them the futility of resistance! 

Post-duty Cutscene

Wedge: Biggs! 
Biggs: Wedge! You shouldn't have stayed with the ship! 
Wedge: Th-That was a close one! 
Biggs: Too damn close.'s she look, anyway? 
Wedge: The auxiliary propeller is a dead loss, but I think we can wring enough thrust from the main propeller to get us airborne. 
Biggs: A few minor modifications and we should be able to fly the Tiny Bronco home. 
Serpent Lieutenant: While you do your work, we shall keep watch over the perimeter. The enemy may yet be lurking nearby. 
Serpent Lieutenant: As for you, [First name], you have more than done your part today. I bid you return to the Adders' Nest and complete your enlistment. 
Serpent Lieutenant: I pray there will be no further interruptions. When next we meet, let it be as fellow Serpents of the Order! 
Biggs: I, um...just wanted to say know, for calling you an imperial spy and all that... Got that one wrong, didn't I!? Ha ha! Seriously, though─if it hadn't been for you and the Twin Adder lads there, we'd be chained up in a dungeon by now. I'm in your debt, friend─we both are.   
Biggs: Wedge! 
Wedge: Thank you! We're very grateful!

Speaking With Personnel Officer

Serpent Personnel Officer: [First name!] It does my spirit well to see you returned! 
Serpent Personnel Officer: Word arrived but moments ago from the team at Nine Ivies. Lest you worry, the two engineers are safely on their way. 
Serpent Personnel Officer: The lieutenant informs me that you were instrumental in the mission's success. Had you not found Engineer Biggs when you did, and helped us to rout the Garleans, things might have been very different. 
Serpent Personnel Officer: And all this before you were even inducted into the Order! You are well on your way to carving out a fine career for yourself beneath the Twin Adder standard. 
Serpent Personnel Officer: But without further ado, let us see to your induction. Twelve willing, there won't be any further interruptions.