Notorious Biggs

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Wedge - Coerthas Central Highlands (x13, y30)
Requirements Level 44
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 24380    Gil 3208
Previous Quest Next Quest
Monumental Hopes Come-Into-My-Castrum
Doubt Truth to Be a Liar





  • Wedge is determined to find Biggs.
  • Wedge has again implored you to search for Biggs. Though Abelie's suggestion yielded nothing, it is possible that one of the other Ishgardians stationed at Monument Tower might be able to point you in a more fruitful direction.
  • Ignace suggests that Biggs may have attempted to reach Whitebrim Front. If true, he would have needed to make his way through Daniffen Pass, whose southern entrance is found to the northeast of Monument Tower.
  • With the aid of Yda and Y'shtola, you succeed in rescuing Biggs from a detachment of imperial troops. Make your way back to Monument Tower and speak with Wedge.
  • With Biggs's safe return, the three core members of Garlond Ironworks are together again, and the future seems brighter for their reunion. Now it is time to turn your thoughts to the next challenge: rescuing Minfilia and the remaining Scions.