A Bad Bladder

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A Bad Bladder 

A Bad Bladder.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
Quest line
Ixali Main Quests
Required quest
In Pursuit of the Past
Required items
1 War balloon debris icon1.png  War Balloon Debris
Experience 300
Gil 501
Next quest
Reaching for Cloud Nine

Lieutenant Scarlet's feathers seem ruffled by some grave news out of the Twelveswood.

— In-game description





  • Lieutenant Scarlet's feathers seem ruffled by some grave news out of the Twelveswood.
  • After relaying to you the news of an attack by an Ixali war balloon, Lieutenant Scarlet requests that you lend your strength to the soldiers at E–Tatt's Spire. Head into the North Shroud and report to Captain Guithrit.
  • You speak with Captain Guithrit and learn that a well-placed arrow has sent an Ixali war balloon crashing down into the trees. Search for the wreckage in Peacegarden, and confirm that the beastmen's vessel is truly grounded.
  • After investigating the area of the crash, you discover what might possibly be an important war balloon component. Return to E–Tatt's Spire, and show the part to Captain Guithrit.
  • Captain Guithrit examines the balloon component, but cannot say for certain what function the part may have had. Unsatisfied by your report of the Ixali craft's demise, the wary soldier asks that you return to the crash site and look for signs that the Ixal may yet lurk nearby.
  • After discovering a pile of disassembled balloon parts not far from the crash site, you are confronted by a pair of unusual Ixal. Rather than attack you, however, the leader, one “Chief Totoloc,” instead proposes a deal so that he might procure the component you retrieved from the fallen vessel. With the potential for an actual peace in the offing, you should not let this opportunity pass you by. Head through the wooden gate nearby, and bring the part to the eager beastman.
  • Sezul welcomes you into his camp, and introduces himself and his crew as the “Ehcatl Nine.” Describing the group as outcast from their own people, Chief Totoloc purports to serve not the primal Garuda or her fanatics, but the dream of flying free like the wind...