A Bad Bladder

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A Bad Bladder 

A Bad Bladder.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
Quest line
Ixali Main Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestIn Pursuit of the Past
Required items
1 War balloon debris icon1.png  War Balloon Debris
Experience 300
Gil 501
Next quest
Feature QuestReaching for Cloud Nine

Lieutenant Scarlet's feathers seem ruffled by some grave news out of the Twelveswood.

— In-game description



  • Lieutenant Scarlet's feathers seem ruffled by some grave news out of the Twelveswood.
  • After relaying to you the news of an attack by an Ixali war balloon, Lieutenant Scarlet requests that you lend your strength to the soldiers at E–Tatt's Spire. Head into the North Shroud and report to Captain Guithrit.
  • You speak with Captain Guithrit and learn that a well-placed arrow has sent an Ixali war balloon crashing down into the trees. Search for the wreckage in Peacegarden, and confirm that the beastmen's vessel is truly grounded.
  • After investigating the area of the crash, you discover what might possibly be an important war balloon component. Return to E–Tatt's Spire, and show the part to Captain Guithrit.
  • Captain Guithrit examines the balloon component, but cannot say for certain what function the part may have had. Unsatisfied by your report of the Ixali craft's demise, the wary soldier asks that you return to the crash site and look for signs that the Ixal may yet lurk nearby.
  • After discovering a pile of disassembled balloon parts not far from the crash site, you are confronted by a pair of unusual Ixal. Rather than attack you, however, the leader, one “Chief Totoloc,” instead proposes a deal so that he might procure the component you retrieved from the fallen vessel. With the potential for an actual peace in the offing, you should not let this opportunity pass you by. Head through the wooden gate nearby, and bring the part to the eager beastman.
  • Sezul welcomes you into his camp, and introduces himself and his crew as the “Ehcatl Nine.” Describing the group as outcast from their own people, Chief Totoloc purports to serve not the primal Garuda or her fanatics, but the dream of flying free like the wind...


Accepting the Quest

(If part of the Twin Adders)
Scarlet: [Rank][Surname], we have ourselves a situation.
(If part of different grand company)
 Scarlet: [Forename], we have ourselves a situation.
Scarlet: Our scouts out at E-Tatt's Spire have sent word that the Ixal are attacking their position.
Scarlet: They report that they have already weathered a sudden strafing run by one of the birdmen's blasted war balloons, and casualties were high.
Scarlet: Have you ever seen these beastman dirigibles? The Ixal stock them with explosive munitions, and rain hell on their targets below.
Scarlet: Even should they float within bow range, the balloon skins are thick and difficult to penetrate...though it can be done.
Scarlet: Thus the spires we constructed throughout the Twelveswood are Gridania's first line of defense against assault from the air. 'Tis frustrating indeed, then, that recent conflicts have left them undermanned.
Scarlet: I need you to head into the North Shroud immediately, and lend your strength to the garrison at E-Tatt's Spire. I am certain Captain Guithrit will appreciate the help.
Scarlet: Report the Captain Guithrit at E-Tatt's Spire and lend your aid to the defense efforts. We cannot allow the Ixal to blind our nearest eye in the North Shroud!

Speaking with Guithrit at E-Tatt's Spire

Guithrit: Lieutenant Scarlet sent you, you say? Praise Nophica! Though I believe the worst of the danger has passed, what few soldiers I command are both wounded and weary.
Guithrit: 'Twas a well-placed shaft that was our salvation—a private's arrow managed to punch a hole clear through the balloon's air bladders, forcing the Ixali vessel to flounder down into the trees. Hah! You could hear the squawking from here!
Guithrit: I must admit, however, to feeling a moment of dread at the thought of that war balloon slipping past and drifting over the city walls... Thank the gods—and a certain private—that such a fate did not come to pass.
Guithrit: Nevertheless, we are in no shape to repel the Ixal should they prove able to press the attack. Pray head north into Peacegarden and see what has become of their downed craft.
Guithrit: I have been told that these Ixali balloons are filled with some manner of buoyant gas rather than air. We would do well not to underestimate the cunning of creatures capable of such ingenious inventions...

Showing the war balloon debris to Guithrit

Guithrit: Did you find the downed balloon? Was the vessel yet sound?
<Hand Over War Balloon Debris>
Guithrit: Hmmm... I am not sure if this came from the birdmen's craft, or is part of another contraption entirely. There can, however, be no doubt that it is of Ixali design.
Guithrit: War balloons, such as the one you saw, were invented by the Ixal to assert their dominance over the skies. These vessels allow them to avoid our ground-based patrols and infiltrate the Twelveswood with impunity.
Guithrit: And the beastmen use them not only for acts of war, but also to haul away the trees felled by their ever-expanding logging operations.
Guithrit: 'Twas to combat this unwelcome and destructive presence that we built guard towers throughout the forest...though I imagine the Ixal were quite displeased to find our borders thus reinforced.
Guithrit: In fact, the primary purpose of this day's attack may well have been the destruction of E-Tatt's Spire itself. I am torn, [Rank]/[Forename]. We must not weaken our defenses here, but I would be certain our enemy does not lurk nearby, awaiting an opportunity for sabotage.
Guithrit: I would ask you to once more visit the crash site, and search the surrounding area of signs of our foes. I pray my concerns are naught more than the anxious workings of a tired mind...
Guithrit: Pray return to the site of the fallen Ixali vessel, and search for signs of our birdman enemies. For your sake, as well as ours, I hope that you find none...

Further investigate war balloon crash site

Unruly Ixal: >> Squaaawk! Get away from there, no-feathers! Ours to dismantle, war balloon is! <<
Unruly Ixal: >> Touch what is ours, you must not! Rights of salvage, yes? Rights of salvage!
???: >> Enough! So much screeching and cawing when threatened nothing, featherless one has! <<
Unruly Ixal: >> Squaaawk! Chief Totoloc! <<
Unruly Ixal: >> Hold part we sought, no-feathers does! Search through wreckage for nothing, we did! <<
Sezul Totoloc: Weak-bellied fledgling! Calm down, you will! Speak with featherless one, Sezul shall.
Sezul Totoloc: Hmmm... Could you be artisan? No, clothing all wrong, it is. Garb for honest work, it is not.
Sezul Totoloc: Squawk! Raise your weapon not! Ixal, we are, but not same kind that attack your tower.
Sezul Totoloc: Balloon part you took... Value to you is little, yes? Have it from you, we would.
Sezul Totoloc: Not by force, no! And not for nothing. We make deal, yes? Inside gate, you come. Show you our work in return, Sezul shall!
Unruly Ixal: But, Chief! Mean to let featherless one inside, you cannot! Spread our secrets she/he will!
Sezul Totoloc:  >> Squaaawk! Question chief, you will not! Sezul's decision, it is! Shut screechy beak, before plucked and strung from nearest tree branch, you are! <<
Sezul Totoloc: Fierce look, featherless one has. Look forward to next meeting, Sezul does.
Unruly Ixal: >> Listen well, no-feathers. If chief's trust you betray, flay skin from worthless bones, we shall! <<

Delivering the war balloon debris to Sezul Totoloc

Sezul Totoloc: >> Brave you are to walk into Ixal den! Know such camp existed, you did not, eh? Now have that balloon part and your name, Sezul would... <<
<Hand Over War Balloon Debris>
Sezul Totoloc: Yes, yes! Squawk! searched long for this, we have! Thank you, [Forename][Surname]!
Sezul Totoloc: Know you what this is, hm? It is a special stone, used for making instrument to read speed of wind. Only found in Xelphatol, very rare! Even clever Sezul cannot build such instruments without it!
Sezul Totoloc: Squawk? Seem confused, you do. You wonder why Sezul not go to Xelphatol and fetch stone himself, yes?
Sezul Totoloc: Tell you why, Sezul will! We are not like Ixal of Natalan and other places. No fighting with forest people. Outcast, we are!
Sezul Totoloc: >> Call ourselves "Ehcatl Nine"! Impressive, yes? ...Had nicer sound than "Ehcatl Twenty-or-so." <<
Sezul Totoloc: >> But one purpose, we have: to fly free like wind! <<
Sezul Totoloc: >> For war with forest people, or pleasing greedy goddess, we care not! Fixed on the heavens, our eyes are! <<