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Sleep Now in Sapphire

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Sleep Now in Sapphire

Sleep Now in Sapphire.png
Quest giver
Resistance Officer
The Lochs (X:11.3, Y:22.5)
Quest line
The Sorrow of Werlyt Quests
Experience 0
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestRuby Doomsday
Next quest
Feature QuestBlood of Emerald

Information relating to the Weapon project has been uncovered, and your allies prepare to depart for distant lands.

— In-game description



The player will control the G-Warrior in a series of solo instance battles in Terncliff Bay serving as a tutorial for G-Warrior combat before facing the Sapphire Weapon in a duel. The G-Warrior has 185,000 HP (on Normal difficulty) and 10,000 EP (essentially functioning as MP).

G-Warrior's Actions

Action Type EP Cast Time Recast Time Description
Aether cannon icon1.png Aether Cannon Weaponskill 0 Instant 2.00s Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 600.
Aethersaber icon1.png Aethercut icon1.png Final Fluorish icon1.png Final Flourish Combo Weaponskill 300 Instant 2.00s Executes the following weaponskills in succession:

1. Aethersaber (Gap closer)
    Potency: 840
    EP Cost: 300
2. Aethercut
    Potency: 1,200
    EP Cost: 300
3. Final Flourish
    Potency: 1,940
    EP Cost: 300

If any of these weaponskills are not ready, the combo will start again.

Ultima buster icon1.png Ultima Buster Weaponskill 800 2.50s 5.00s Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 1,200 to all enemies in a straight line before you.
Triggers the cooldown of weaponskills and spells upon execution.
Aether mine icon1.png Aether Mine Weaponskill 800 2.50s 30.00s Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 300 to target and all enemies nearby it.

Additional Effect: Increases target's damage taken by 20%
Duration: 60s
This action does not share a recast time with any other actions.

Auto restoration icon1.png Auto Restoration Ability 0 Instant 25.00s Restores up to 40% of own HP and 30% of own EP.
Pyretic booster icon1.png Pyretic Booster Ability 0 Instant 3.00s Reduces cast time and recast time of weaponskills by 25% and increases movement speed by 25%. HP is drained while in use.
Effect ends upon reuse.
Aetherial aegis icon1.png Aetherial Aegis Ability 0 Instant 3.00s Reduces damage taken by 50%. EP is drained while in use.
Effect ends upon reuse or when EP is depleted.

Passive difficulty r1.png Guidance System

Time Limit: 15 minutes

Objective: Destroy the target

This serves as a tutorial for G-Warrior combat. The Guidance System is a training dummy and will not attack the player. After defeating it, the player receives a tutorial on using Pyretic Booster.

Objective: Destroy the target while evading its attacks

Similar as before, but the Guidance System will now use Aerial Bombardment, spawning four large circular AoEs below the player. Use Pyretic Booster to dodge these easily. After defeating it, the player receives a tutorial on using Aetherial Aegis.

Objective: Destroy the target while defending against its attacks

Similar as before, but the Guidance System will now use Attack, dealing large damage that should be mitigated with Aetherial Aegis.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Mark IV Anti-Eikon Warmachina: The Sapphire Weapon

Time Limit: 30 minutes

General G-Warrior Rotation

  • Activate Pyretic Booster unless if HP is low.
  • Keep the 1-minute Vulnerability Up icon2.png Vulnerability Up debuff from Aether Mine up.
  • Use Final Fluorish Combo as your primary attack.
  • Use Aether Cannon as a last resort attack if EP is low.
  • Use Auto Restoration as needed to heal HP and EP.
  • Only use Aetherial Aegis to mitigate unavoidable attacks.


  • Tail Swing: A massive telegraphed point-blank AoE centered on the boss. Use the speed boost from Pyretic Booster to dodge.
  • Optimized Judgement: A telegraphed donut AoE centered on the boss.
  • Activate: Spawns four untargetable Regula's Image adds. These will each do a massive, telegraphed 270-degree AoE in front of them (Magitek Spread) so move behind one.
  • Optimized Ultima: Unavoidable damage. Use Aetherial Aegis to mitigate.
  • The boss will disappear and reappear after several seconds, using Swiftbreach, unavoidable damage that can be mitigated with Aetherial Aegis. It will then do one of two attacks
    • Sapphire Ray: One large glowing orb will appear in front of the boss, indicating a line AoE. Move to its sides to avoid. Has no AoE indicator.
    • Siderays: Two glowing orbs will appear to the sides on the boss, indicating side cleave AoEs. Move directly in front of it to avoid. Has no AoE indicator.
  • Plasma Shot: Heavy unavoidable damage. Use Aetherial Aegis to mitigate.
  • Turret: Spawns two groups of eight Magitek Turrets. These will periodically use a telegraphed line AoE (Magitek Ray) aimed at the player. Aim Ultima Buster to destroy an entire row at once. If these are not killed quickly enough, they will cast Self-destruct, dealing damage.
  • Plasma Cannon: A massive telegraphed circle AoE aimed at the player. Use the speed boost from Pyretic Booster to dodge.
  • When the boss disappears and reappears for the final time, it will become untargetable and slowly begin casting Flood Ray.
    • Two groups of four Magitek Turrets will spawn to its sides, which can be defeated with Ultima Buster.
    • Four Ceruleum Servants will spawn. These will attack with a telegraphed line AoE (Servant Roar) and must all be defeated to make the boss vulnerable.
    • The boss must be defeated before Flood Ray is allowed to cast or the player will be defeated.
    • Note: Despite Gaius's dialogue, there is plenty of time to destroy the Turrets first to remove their AoEs.


  • Speak with the Resistance Fighter.
  • Speak with Severa at Alliance Headquarters.
  • Speak with Gaius.
  • Speak with Gaius again.
  • Speak with Gaius yet again.
  • Speak with Gaius one last time.
  • Speak with Gaius.
  • Speak with Valdeaulin.
  • Speak with Severa.
  • Speak with the Resistance officer at Porta Praetoria.


  • The troops stationed at Porta Praetoria have been given orders to escort you to Alliance Headquarters by Gaius himself, an arrangement that does not sit well with the rank and file. It would appear the investigation into the Empire's Weapon project has finally borne fruit, though you will need to speak with those directly involved to learn more.
  • Despite having visited Alliance Headquarters on several occasions, your comrades still feel the need to have you escorted there and back each time. The Resistance fighter nearby will be more than happy to show you the way.
  • You discuss the latest findings of the Ironworks with Severa and Cid, whose earlier hypotheses surrounding the Ruby Weapon have been proven correct. It was equipped with a synthetic auracite system designed to forcibly supplant the consciousness of the pilot with data collected from more experienced soldiers. As Cid explains it, said data was collected via magitek devices akin to soul crystals affixed to the magitek armor of high-ranking officials. This is likely how the Garleans were able to retrieve the combat data of Nael van Darnus, who was killed prior to the Calamity, although there yet remain many questions surrounding the bizarre phenomena witnessed during the battle with the Ruby Weapon. As the Ironworks engineers endeavor to unravel this mystery, you decide to consult with Gaius and plan the next move.
  • Valdeaulin gives a brief account of his mission to trace the Ruby Weapon's path back to its source. It is believed to have come from an imperial base in Werlyt, which happens to be where Alfonse and the other orphans lived before they were taken into Gaius's care. In addition, a large machina resembling a Weapon was seen being transported to the coastal town of Terncliff a few days past, and the most logical course of action is to disable it as quickly as possible. The considerable distance between the suspected Weapon and your current location poses a major obstacle, but Cid claims to have prepared a top secret plan for such an occasion.
  • Cid takes great pleasure in revealing his trump card: the G-Warrior, an enormous Allagan warmachina restored to working order. He proposes that it be flown to Terncliff using the Enterprise, where it will battle the latest Weapon. It seems you were the only candidate considered as pilot, presumably owing to your preternatural abilities and abundance of combat experience. Gaius, having previously taken helm of the Ultima Weapon, will provide support remotely. Before heading to Terncliff, Cid requests that you familiarize yourself with the G-Warrior's controls using a simulator.
  • Armed with a fundamental understanding of the G-Warrior, you and your allies make your way by airship to Terncliff, where the Weapon is poised to attack in the bay below. Though your fledgling abilities as a pilot are sorely tested, you eventually succeed in overcoming your foe, which now lies defeated, but largely intact, on the ocean's surface.
  • After disembarking from the G-Warrior, you join the rest of your party in the now-liberated town of Terncliff. You decide to discuss the aftermath of the battle with Gaius, who may have some fresh insight to share.
  • The Echo affords you a glimpse of events that unfolded prior to your arrival in Werlyt, and a conversation between Rex and Ricon, two of the orphans fostered by Gaius. With the Eorzean forces on their doorstep, Rex was committed to pilot an as-of-yet-unfinished Sapphire Weapon to afford his comrades time to escape. After much pleading, however, Ricon convinced him to trade places, and instead see the remaining Weapons to a safe location. The vision also confirms the theories surrounding the synthetic auracite and a system known as Oversoul, which fuses the pilot with the Weapon's core and replaces their consciousness with that of another soldier. After expounding on what you saw to Gaius, Cid arrives to confirm the cold, hard truth of your words.
  • As Gaius is in no state of mind to speak with anybody whatsoever at present, you turn to Valdeaulin, who reveals how he came to travel alongside the former imperial legatus. After his entire village, including his wife and daughter, were captured and used in Garlean experiments on the poisonous gas that would later become Black Rose, he joined the Order of the Twin Adder to exact his revenge. He joined the assault on the Praetorium and was almost crushed as the fortress was brought crashing down, but thereupon encountered Gaius Baelsar, who was close to death. Just as Valdeaulin prepared to land the killing blow, Gaius asked that he stay his hand, at least until he could exterminate the Ascians who had orchestrated the war on Eorzea. Ever since that day, Valdeaulin has followed Gaius on his hunt, that he may judge his true intentions and slay him the moment he breaks their agreement. Valdeaulin seeks to bring a swift end to the threat posed by the Weapon project and return to eliminating the root cause rather than the symptoms of the Ascian menace.
  • Now that the true nature of Oversoul has come to light, Gaius is more determined than ever to disable the remaining Weapons before they can be deployed. To that end, he and Valdeaulin will pursue Rex and the fleeing Garlean soldiers, while Cid continues to examine the imperial facility at Terncliff and the Sapphire Weapon. Your only task at present is to relay the outcome of the battle to the Resistance members at Porta Praetoria and await further instructions.
  • You arrive back at Porta Praetoria where the officer in charge offers you a warm welcome. Pleasantries aside, you inform him of all that transpired at Werlyt. There is naught left to do but await further news from headquarters, though you suspect it will not be long before you and your allies are drawn back into conflict with the Empire.


Prior to the patch 6.0 stat squish, the G-Warrior had 600,000 HP.