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See also: Orchestrion Roll and Orchestrion (Item)

Orchestrion list icon2.png Orchestrion is the Jukebox feature introduced in patch 3.2. It is an Housing Item that can be placed in the Housing system.


The Orchestrion can be used by placing it in free company housing, Personal Housing, or Personal Room. One of the available Orchestrion variants (the floor-standing Orchestrion icon1.png  Orchestrion or one of the tabletop versions: Orchestrion phonograph icon1.png  Orchestrion Phonograph or Table orchestrion icon1.png  Table Orchestrion) can be placed in each of these areas.

An Orchestrion has also been placed in the Inn Room, allowing players to change the inn music in the same way as in housing.

Orchestrion Rolls

Orchestrion rolls1.png

Orchestrion Rolls are required to change music. They can be acquired through various methods including crafting, vendors, quest rewards, and achievements. Some of the required ingredients for Orchestrion Rolls can be acquired from existing content.

With several exceptions, most Orchestrion Rolls can be traded or sold on the market board under the category Orchestrion Components.

Orchestrion List

Orchestrion list1.png

After using an Orchestrion Roll, the song will be added to the Orchestrion List found under Logs in the main menu. Once a song is added, you may listen to it an unlimited number of times.

The Orchestrion Log will be unlocked after meeting either of the following conditions:

  • Using an Orchestrion Roll for the first time.
  • Accessing the Orchestrion for the first time.

Playing Songs

Accessing the Orchestrion will display the Orchestrion Settings window, where you can listen to, sample, and pause music tracks. Each option can also be toggled through subcommands.

Sample (not available in inn rooms)

  • Music will only play for you.
  • Sampling will start once the song is selected.


  • Music will play for all players within the room.
  • By selecting a song that you are sampling again, the song will play for all players in the room.


  • Music currently playing will stop, and the default music for the room will resume.
  • Songs can also be stopped by selecting the song currently playing again.

Free company members and estate tenants must have authorization in order to play and stop music with the orchestrion.


Playing orchestrion1.jpg

Upon accessing the orchestrion, the playlist interface will be displayed. Players can select up to eight songs to be registered to the playlist at any given time. The playlist can be edited at any time to change the order or listing of songs to be played.

  • Playlists cannot be accesed from inns.

Playback Modes

You can choose from one of three playback modes using the buttons located at the bottom of the interface, or via subcommands after selecting a song.

Play All - Plays all songs registered to the playlist in the order they were registered.

Shuffle - Plays all songs registered to the playlist in a random order. No song will be repeated until all songs have been played.

Repeat - Plays the selected song on loop.

Should you wish to play a single song not registered to the playlist, the Select Track button at the bottom of the interface will display a separate window listing all songs registered to the orchestrion.


Songs will start paying in a loop for all players currently in a room. However, any players who enter the room in the middle of a song will hear the song from the beginning.

If you wish to ensure that all players in a room are listening to a song from the same point, try restarting the song once all players are in the room. The song will not change even if a player leaves the room or logs out.

Inn Room Orchestrion

Any players who meet the following conditions can access the Orchestrion from the inn room:

  • Inn room is unlocked.
  • At least one song has been added to the Orchestrion Log.

Please note that, like other items, orchestrion rolls cannot be used inside inn rooms.