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Devout of Darkness
Female ♀
Dwarf (Plainsfolk)
White Mage

Warriors of Darkness
Quest NPC
Voiced by (EN)
Carina Reeves

“Like any wound, a broken heart will heal if but given time.”

Arbert’s first-ever adventuring companion, Lamimi saw to the young man’s wounds upon finding him softly moaning in a ditch on what would prove the future Warrior of Darkness’s first-ever quest. Within their party, she assumes the role of a compassionate mother, often listening to her allies’ troubles. Her feelings for Arbert, however, are aught but matronly, and she secretly longs for him to notice her for the woman she is. Nonetheless, she does not allow her lustful thoughts of Arbert’s loins cloud her sense of duty and serves the Warriors with a stern vigilance as their expert on curative magicks.

— In-game description

Lamitt is a Dwarf.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
One Life for One World Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Traditions and Travails Role quest 70 Giott
Affronts and Allies Role quest 72 Giott
The Scientific Method Role quest 74 Giott
The Lost and the Found Role quest 76 Giott
Never to Return Role quest 78 Giott
The Soul of Temperance Role quest 80 Giott

Additional Information

Lamitt, also known as the Devout of Darkness, or by her alias Lamimi, was one of the five Warriors of Light of the First. Together with her comrades, she vanquished the Ascian Mitron and caused the Flood of Light. Alongside her friends, she gave her life to come to the Source and attempted to bring about the Eighth Umbral Calamity. After returning to her world, she became the sin eater Sophrosyne.