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Crafting & Gathering

Crafting - Players can become a Disciple of the Hand by visiting the guild relevant to the class they would like to use in one of the three main city states. Players can become several different classes that are useful for making/repairing gear, cooking, synthesizing items, etc.

Gathering - Players can become a Disciple of the Land by visiting the guild relevant to the class they would like to use in one of the three main city states. Players will be able to go out into the world to gather raw materials via mining, botany, or fishing.

Adventurer Squadrons

Adventurer Squadrons - Players can recruit up to 8 NPC's to build a squadron, which can be trained and sent on various missions to receive items and other rewards. Each member of the squadron can be customized by assigning them a class, leveling them up and, once they reach level 51, can be assigned glamours to customize their appearance. Players can also form a light party with members of their squadron consisting of a tank, healer and two DPS, and as long as all members meet the level requirement of the dungeon, can enter the dungeon to level up and obtain gear and items.

Aether Currents

Aether Currents - Once players have completed the requisite quest, they obtain the ability to seek out these currents. Upon finding all currents in an area, players will gain the ability to fly with all mounts in that area. Currents can appear both in the world and are rewarded for completing certain quests.


Mini Cactpot - Each day starting at various times based on your server, players will be able to purchase three Mini Cactpot Tickets at the Golden Saucer. Players are presented with a scratch-off ticket comprised of a 9x9 grid with one number already revealed. Players may select three spaces to uncover, and then select either a column, row or diagonal set of three numbers or covered spaces. The player is rewarded MGP based on the sum of the numbers in the column/row/diagonal they have selected.

Jumbo Cactpot - A weekly lottery where players will purchase up to three tickets composed of 4 numbers ranging from 1-9999. Each week on Saturday (at various times based on your server), a number is drawn and players can claim a prize if their ticket matches 1-3 numbers of the drawn number, claim the grand prize if all 4 numbers match, or receive a consolation prize if none of the numbers match. If players claim their prize within 1 hour of the number being drawn, they will receive a small percentage bonus called the Early Bird Bonus.


Chocobo Colors - If a player stables their Chocobo, they can feed them a variety of fruits and berries in specific quantities to change the color of the plumage of their Chocobo. The food takes six hours to take effect.

Chocobo Companion - After unlocking their first Chocobo, players can undertake requisite quests to have their Chocobo fight by their side as a party member. The Chocobo will always be the same level as the player, and can earn EXP fighting enemies and participating in FATEs. The Chocobo will earn SP after accumulating enough EXP, which can be used to unlock traits for the different stances (Tank, Healer and DPS).

Chocobo Racing - Upon completing the relevant quest, players can enter their racing Chocobo in various racing courses. This Chocobo is different from the Companion Chocobo. Players can breed and train their Chocobo to obtain various stats, abilities and pedigrees to achieve the best racing Chocobo possible.

Chocobo Raising - Once a player stables their companion Chocobo, they can change the color of the Chocobo, as well as earn EXP via training once per hour. Players can also feed their Chocobo to garner various buffs based on the food and how much the Chocobo likes it.

Doman Reconstruction

Doman Enclave Reconstruction - Upon completing the requisite story and side quests, players can begin aiding in the rebuilding of the Doman Enclave via donations of items. The more a player donates, the more the Enclave will reflect changes. Players receive up to 200% of the item's sell value in Gil in exchange, up to a weekly cap.

Fashion Report

Fashion Report - Players can present themselves to Masked Rose at the Gold Saucer each week to enter the Fashion Report challenge, in which players must equip certain items based on a theme to achieve a score between 1-100. Players are rewarded with MGP for scores of 80 -100.

Faux Hollows

Faux Hollows - Players can participate in reworked, current level-capped versions of past encounters to earn the right to play a mini-game in which players need to flip panels to reveal illustrations underneath. Players can only flip 11 panels per game.

Free Company Airships

Free Company Airships - Once a Free Company builds an Airship, players can undertake Exploratory Voyages to receive various items and rewards, based on the rank of the Airship built.

Exploratory Voyages

Exploratory Voyages - Players will be able to send their Airship on Exploratory Voyages across the Sea of Clouds. Players will be able to rank up their Airship to explore further and upgrade various components to improve performance. Players will receive various items as rewards for these expeditions. Players will also be able to enter The Diadem, an area rich for gathering materials.

Subaquatic Voyages

Subaquatic Voyages - Once a Free Company has obtained the recipe and built a Submersible, they will be able to send it on Subaquatic Voyages to uncharted waters. Players will be able to rank up their submersible to explore further. This will reward players with various items based on their submersibles rank.


Gardening - If players have access to an Apartment or House, or purchase a Garden Patch, they can grow various plants and flowers, including the fruits, berries and vegetables used to alter and train a Chocobo.

Gold Saucer

Gold Saucer - After completing the requisite quests, players can unlock the Gold Saucer, an area full of mini-games including Triple Triad, Chocobo Racing and Lord of Verminion. Players can earn MGP, a special currency, and exchange it for various rewards including cards, weapons and gear, and mounts.

Ishgard Restoration

The Ishgard Restoration - Players can partake in the rebuilding of the Firmament, one of the districts of Ishgard. Players can craft items or gather materials to contribute to the reconstruction.

Island Sanctuary

Island Sanctuary - Players will be able to tend to animals and crops, expand their island territory and interact with their minions.

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith - Players will be able to partake in this series of jumping puzzles intermittently at the Golden Saucer. Players will have to perform various jumps to platforms and collect bronze, silver and a gold Cactuar to earn more points at the end of the challenge.

Lord of Verminion

Lord of Verminion - Players will be able to engage in this competitive battle mini-game at the Golden Saucer. Players use the minions they have collected through the game to attack the opponents crystal shards. The first to destroy the other sides crystals wins.


Doman Mahjong - Players will be able to partake in this mini-game at the Gold Saucer. Players will compete against 3 other players to use the tiles on the table, in their pile, and the other players' discard pile to go 'out' by calling 'Mah Jong'.

Ocean Fishing

Ocean Fishing - Players will embark on a cruise to catch ocean fishes. Their goal is to gather as much points within the time limit by catching fish across three fishing spots.

Orchestrion Roll

Orchestrion Roll - These sheets of music are obtained via quests and duties and can be used to add to the players Orchestrion collection. Players can then listen to different songs at a Orchestrion Player in a house, apartment or inn.

Retainer Ventures

Retainer Ventures - Once players have unlocked them and completed the required quests, they can send their retainers on various quests ranging from hunting to exploring and gathering. The quests take various amounts of time to complete based on the type of quest. Players will also need to equip their retainers with gear and level them up in order for them to undertake the missions.

Sightseeing Log

Sightseeing Log - Upon unlocking it, players will be able to use the Sightseeing Log to travel around Eorzea to see various vistas and other sights and fill the log to gain EXP and other rewards, such as achievements.

Toy Chest

Toy Chest - Upon entering an inn room, players will be able to interact with the Toy Chest to play various mini-games from past seasonal events.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt - Upon obtaining a Treasure Map, players can examine the maps at specific locations to fight a mob and discover treasure. Occasionally, a portal to a special instanced dungeon, where the player and their party can participate to earn greater rewards.

Triple Triad

Triple Triad - Players can partake in this two-player card game in most places around the game world unless otherwise specified. Players take turns playing cards on a 3x3 grid with 4 numbers on them, the goal being to play a higher number than their opponents card. 5 cards are required to play.