Fashion Report

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General Information

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The Fashion Report is a new challenge at the Gold Saucer wherein Masked Rose issues a theme to which players must dress themselves, then go before him for judging.

MGP can be earned once per week for partaking in a Fashion Report, with bonus MGP being awarded to those who achieve a high rating. Players who continue to undertake these challenges will gain access to unique prizes via exchange.



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Speak with Masked Rose at the Gold Saucer (X:7.2 Y:7.4) to learn what theme he has assigned for the Fashion Report. The theme will be updated every week on Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. (PST).


Participants are judged on a scale of one to one hundred. Judging will begin each week on Friday at 12:00 a.m. (PST).

It is possible to undertake this challenge up to four times each week between Friday and the following Tuesday before a new theme has been decided.

  • Any gear using glamours will be judged based on its glamoured appearance.
  • Any gear presented for judging in the Fashion Report will be bound to the player, and can no longer be traded or sold on the market board.


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Players will receive 10,000 MGP for participating in the Fashion Report. Those who receive a rating of eighty points or more will receive an additional 50,000 MGP. Moreover, those who continue to participate in these challenges will gain access to Kasumi's boutique, which contains other unique items.

  • Both the reward for participation and the bonus for high ratings can only be received once per week.