Leap of Faith

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Hop, skip, and jump your way to the top in this death-defying test of athleticism. Will you climb straightway to the finish line, or claim trophies precariously perched along the way? To scale the course's dizzying heights will require strong legs, and a stronger stomach. Or perhaps one need only take a leap of faith.

— Lodestone Gold Saucer page

Leap of Faith is a GATE in Gold Saucer.


The objective of this GATE is to reach the goal point by jumping to various platforms while also collecting cactuar trophies.

The GATE ends when time expires or players reach the goal point.

How to Participate

Players can register to participate by speaking with Sabotender Guia in the Gold Saucer (X:4.9 Y:4.8).

To register with a party, all party members must be present in the Gold Saucer when the party leader speaks with Sabotender Guia. However, any players who have already participated in the GATE at that particular time slot will be unable to repeat it.

  • Players cannot enter using a cross-world party.

The Fall of Belah'dia

The original Leap of Faith stage introduced in patch 4.4.

The Falling City of Nym

The stage was introduced in patch 5.2.


The stage was introduced in patch 6.3.


Players who reach the goal point in the allotted time will receive MGP 2,000 MGP. Otherwise, they will only receive MGP 100 MGP.

Additional MGP can be earned by collecting cactuar trophies placed on platforms throughout the course. Please note that, so long as you do not choose to leave the instance, you can continue to collect trophies after reaching the goal point.

Trophy MGP
Gilded Cactuar MGP 500
Silver Cactuar MGP 300
Bronze Cactuar MGP 100