Forging the Spirit

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Forging the Spirit

Quest giver
Central Thanalan (X:24, Y:13)

Experience 1,680
Previous quest
Life, Materia and Everything
Next quest
Waking the Spirit

Swynbroes wishes to disseminate the secrets of materia creation.

— In-game description





  • Swynbroes wishes to disseminate the secrets of materia creation.
  • At the Bonfire, Swynbroes offers to teach you how to create materia out of well-worn gear. Speak with him again to commence your learning.
  • You are now trained in the ways of materia assimilation. Put your learning into practice and convert an old piece of gear into materia.




Accepting the Quest

Swynbroes: What would you say if I told you that inanimate objects can possess a soul? They can, believe it or not, although the soul in question is not their own, but that of their owner.

Swynbroes: Through faithful service, the arms and armor that we use come to hold our spiritual energy. Thus do we form a spiritbond with them.

Swynbroes: This spiritual energy can be drawn out and converted into materia, a special kind of crystal that can be attached to gear to enhance its properties.

Swynbroes: I am well versed in the ways of materia extraction. If you wish to learn more about the process, it would be my pleasure to teach you.

Completing the Quest

Talk to Swynbroes again to complete the quest.

Swynbroes: You are ready to commence your learning? Good. As you will have gathered by now, materia is the crystallized form of one's spiritual energy.

Swynbroes: As this energy is derived from an individual's psyche─a volatile beast at the best of times─a degree of variance is to be expected in its production. In practice, this means that you won't know the exact properties of a stone until you cradle it in your hand.

Swynbroes: Now, materia won't grant you much of anything on its own. Its power must be tapped, see, and this is achieved by melding it to gear. Know, though, that it takes the deft hands of a craftsman to meld materia.

Swynbroes: You can always seek others to attach materia on your behalf, but if you would sooner do it yourself, I recommend you speak with F'hobhas. Melding is her field of expertise.