Way of the Culinarian

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Way of the Culinarian

Way of the Culinarian.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:10.0, Y:7.9)
Experience 100
Gil 115
Previous quest
Feature QuestSo You Want to Be a Culinarian
Next quest
Feature QuestMy First Skillet

Charlys would have you reaffirm your desire to join the Culinarians' Guild.

— In-game description





  • Charlys would have you reaffirm your desire to join the Culinarians' Guild.
  • You have been referred to Lyngsath, the master of the Culinarians' Guild. Seek him out and impress upon him your desire to learn.
  • Having welcomed you into the guild, Lyngsath presents you with a weathered skillet to help you on your way. Take up the tool of your new trade, and speak with the guildmaster again to be assigned your first task.


Pre–quest Dialogue

Charlys: I beg your pardons, good madam/sir, but this is the Culinarians' Guild. If you are here to dine at the Bismarck, one of our waiters will be along shortly to show you to your—
Charlys: ...Oh, you're not a patron? Might I assume, then, that you wish to become a culinarian?
Charlys: If so, I wholeheartedly recommend you join the Culinarians' Guild, where one may learn the culinary arts under the finest chefs in all the realm. What say you?
< Do you wish to join the Culinarians' Guild? >
< Yes >
< No >
< No >
Charlys: Oh... Please accept my apologies—it would seem I misread your intentions.
Charlys: If you are here to dine after all, our waiters shall attend you at table. I hope you enjoy your meal.
< Yes >
Charlys: Wonderful! Then without further ado, I shall acquaint you with the history of our guild.
Charlys: As you are doubtless aware, Limsa Lominsa has long been the gastronomic capital of Eorzea. The city's rich culinary tradition is the product of a unique combination of factors. The first is our proximity to the fertile lands and plentiful seas of Vylbrand, which have ever yielded bounteous produce.
Charlys: The second is our standing as the realm's foremost trading port, which grants us access not only to exotic ingredients from faraway shores, but also to foreign merchants versed in their use. We are, in short, the beneficiaries of culinary knowledge from every corner of the world.
Charlys: Until recently, knowledge of this kind was passed on solely through word of mouth, and was therefore susceptible to corruption and loss.  But that all changed when one man made it his mission to catalog every recipe of note. His name was Admiral Guolskyf Bhaldwaensyn, also known as Mastcleaver.
Charlys: The man's love of fine cuisine was such that, at sea, he would regularly spend as much time preparing meals in the galley as giving commands on the bridge. It was none other than he who founded the Culinarians' Guild and codified cooking methodology.
Charlys: Today, the guild carries on Bhalwaensyn's legacy, though the scope of our endeavors has expanded significantly. Not content with simply preserving existing recipes, we labor tirelessly to devise wholly novel culinary creations with which to delight the senses.
Charlys: To this end, our doors are open to folk from all walks of life, including adventurers such as your good self. One may liken our guild to a great pot of stew, and each member to an ingredient imparting a unique flavor.
Charlys: As with every dish, however, adding ingredients willy-nilly is certain to spoil the taste. Before you may take your place in the pot, you must be deemed a worthwhile addition by Guildmaster Lyngsath, a man whose passion for cookery burns hotter than any oven.
Charlys: Before troubling him, I must warn you that ours is a truly sweltering kitchen. As such, you would be well advised to ask yourself: can I stand the heat? If you earnestly believe that you can, speak to me once more, and I shall be glad to guide you through the enrollment process.

Accepting the Quest

Charlys: So, have you the resolve to walk the path of the culinarian?
Charlys: Wonderful! Then you must speak to Guildmaster Lyngsath at once!
Charlys: This will come as no surprise, but he is the finest chef in Limsa Lominsa. His skill and dedication are second to none.
Charlys: You will find the guildmaster up the stairs yonder, keeping a watchful eye on his charges. Impress upon him your desire to learn, and he will surely find a place for you in his stew—by which I mean the guild.

Speaking with Lyngsath

Lyngsath: Well met, 'venturer. I take it ye want to join our guild. Let's 'ave a good look at ye, then.
Lyngsath: ...Bah! What's an underfed whelp like you know about cookin'? Judgin' by them scrawny arms o' yours, ye'd struggle to lift a spoon, never mind a skillet!
Lyngsath: ...Hahaha, I jest, I jest... <sigh> It don't take muscle to be a culinarian. 'Ells, it don't even take talent—'least not on its own.
Lyngsath: No, son/lass, more'n anythin' else, becomin' a good cook boils down to passion. If ye got that, there ain't nothin' ye can't achieve. So tell me...'ave ye got it?
<Have you the passion to become a culinarian?>
< Yes >
< No >
< No >
Lyngsath: Well, then...assumin' you ain't got an overwhelmin' urge to scrub me pans neither, I suggest ye bugger off back to where the food's served, an' leave the makin' of it to folks as give a damn.
< Yes >
Lyngsath: That's the spirit! Aye, yer passion fer the culinary arts is plain to see.
Lyngsath: An' ye'll be needin' every bit of it if ye want to become a master culinarian. Why, if mastery was a twelve-course dinner, I'd 'ardly 'ave finished the soup.
Lyngsath: Make no mistake, our trade's as tough as old mutton, an' passion's the only thing what gets us through the gristly bits. But enough talk—what do ye call yerself?
Lyngsath: Well then, [Forename], welcome to the guild. To mark the occasion, I present ye with yer very own skillet.
Lyngsath: Ain't much to look at, but it'll more'n serve a novice like yerself.
Lyngsath: Now then, let's see whether ye can tell which end's which. Aye, aye...I know I said ye'd struggle to lift a spoon, but ye've won me over. Now, show me ye can 'old a skillet, an' I'll get ye started on yer first task.