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I see it as my Builder-given duty to not only pass on the techniques of the armorer to the next generation of artisans, but to improve on those processes as well.

— In-game description

H'naanza is a Miqo'te found in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
On to the Drydocks Main Scenario quest 11 H'naanza
The Rats in the Wharf Sidequest 3 H'naanza
My First Doming Hammer Class quest 1 H'naanza
From Thigh to Neck Class quest 5 H'naanza
The Base Fundamentals Class quest 10 H'naanza
One's Own Worst Critic Class quest 15 H'naanza
An Armorer's Pride Class quest 20 H'naanza
Showing Your Steel Class quest 25 H'naanza
May the Best Armorer Win Class quest 30 H'naanza
Pans of Steel Class quest 35 H'naanza
Best of Three Class quest 40 H'naanza
For the Good of the Guild Class quest 45 H'naanza
Rivalry and Respect Class quest 50 H'naanza
The Breaking of Blanstyr Class quest 50 H'naanza
Original Blanstyr Class quest 60 H'naanza
Eastern Apprentice Class quest 63 H'naanza

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Relighting the Torch Main Scenario quest 11 Fraeloef
Dressed for Conquest Main Scenario quest 46 Sark Malark
Recruiting the Realm Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Back in the Water Sidequest 3 Sisipu
Glory Days Sidequest 4 S'dhodjbi
Beauty Is Only Scalp Deep Feature quest 15 S'dhodjbi
Way of the Armorer Feature quest 1 G'wahnako
Light-headed Class quest 53 Blanstyr
Fancy Lancer Class quest 55 Blanstyr
The Pride of Vymelli Class quest 60 Blanstyr
A Confluence of Style Class quest 70 Blanstyr

Additional Information

While H'naanza uses a Keeper of the Moon model, she is named like a Seeker of the Sun. This might be an oversight.


H'naanza Esi serves as the head of Naldiq & Vymelli's, and as forgemaster of the Armorers' Guild. Moreover, she is a vaunted shipwright, and the Triumph, the flagship of the Crimson Fleet, is of her design—a great accomplishment for one of thirty-eight years. At present, the Seeker of the Sun has left the building of ships to others, and devotes her considerable energies to instructing new armorers in her craft.