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The Spirit of Hospitality

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The Spirit of Hospitality

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.6, Y:13.9)
Required items
1 Morel salad icon1.png  Morel Salad HQ icon.png
1 Deep-fried okeanis icon1.png  Deep-fried Okeanis HQ icon.png
1 Marron glace icon1.png  Marron Glace HQ icon.png
Experience 662,500
Gil 843
Previous quest
Feature QuestLove Meat Tender
Next quest
Feature QuestFlavors of the Far East

Melkoko is eager to help get you started in the Dellemont d'Or.

— In-game description




Unlike all the other crafter class quests, none of these recipes are in Master culinarian iii icon1.png  Master Culinarian III. That said, Master Recipe Tomes are only available from a Scrip Exchange for Crafters' Scrip. Scrip is principally acquired via the Collectables system and the related Custom Deliveries feature.

Many ingredients for Master Recipes are on Folklore Nodes from Tomes of Regional Folklore.



  • Melkoko is eager to help get you started in the Dellemont d'Or.
  • The long-awaited Dellemont d'Or has begun. Melkoko takes a moment to warn you that Master Dellemont is notoriously difficult to impress, and goes on to say that it will be a two–chocobo race between you and H'mhasi Tia. Before you do aught else, seek out Master Dellemont at the Bismarck and have the particulars of the contest from him.
  • Having informed you that you are the final contestant, Dellemont furnishes you with the particulars of the contest. Of a three-course meal, the main course is to be a meat dish, while the overall theme is hospitality. Bear word of this back to Melkoko at the Missing Member.
  • As the final contestant, you are at a disadvantage, for Dellemont will be hard-pressed to keep his appetite whetted by the time he tastes your cooking. Bearing this fact in mind, and with Melkoko's guidance, you decide upon a course consisting of morel salad, deep-fried okeanis, and marron glace. Draw upon all your culinary skills to create the finest samples of these dishes, and present them to the contest council member at the Bismarck.
  • You present your dishes to the contest council member, who lays them out for judging. After a tense few heartbeats, Dellemont awards you a perfect ten─the first in the entire history of the contest, and a point above H'mhasi Tia's nine. So it is that you are crowned champion. Dellemont takes a moment to explain what it was that divided you and your rival. While H'mhasi Tia's creations were magnificent in their own right, they lacked the spirit of hospitality that defined your dishes. H'mhasi admits defeat and runs off distraught, with Melkoko hot on his heels. Follow the couple back to the Missing Member and ensure that all is well between them.
  • You bear witness as Melkoko and H'mhasi Tia make their peace with one another. It is revealed that H'mhasi Tia's apparent laziness was simply an act of posturing, and he had been training hard for the contest in secret. With Rhoswen's permission, he decides to journey the realm in order to become as great a culinarian as you, and Melkoko promises that she will wait for him. After the others leave, Melkoko thanks you for being an inspiration to her and H'mhasi Tia. In turn inspired by her praise, you are determined to be the best culinarian you can be, and a worthy champion of the Dellemont d'Or.
    • ※The next culinarian quest will be available from Lyngsath once you have met the following requirements:
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest "The Far Edge of Fate."