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A Broth from the Brine

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A Broth from the Brine

Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:22.0, Y:5.0)
Required items
1  Broth Ingredients
1  Doman Udon Broth
Experience 2,079,000
Gil 1,882
Previous quest
Rice to the Occasion
Next quest
Teach a Man to Make Fish

Raulf has caught the waft of a tasty rumor.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Raulf has caught the waft of a tasty rumor.
  • In the course of considering new Far Eastern dishes, Raulf has learned that elderly Domans often suffer from upset stomachs due to the rich and greasy foods that are common to Eorzea. For such complaints, nothing is better than udon, a bowl of noodles in a light and warming broth, and Raulf has a mind to serve it up for the old ones. The broth is made by boiling dried fish, and it is decided that you will go to Limsa Lominsa to source the finest stuff available. Start by paying a visit to the Bismarck and consulting Lyngsath.
  • Lyngsath recommends you use authentic Far Eastern dried fish to make the udon broth. As luck would have it, a Kraken's Arms ship recently seized a merchantman in Far Eastern seas, and the ingredient you seek may well be among its cargo. Take your search to the Seventh Sage and ask Carvallain whether he has what you require.
  • To your delight, the seized ship was indeed carrying dried fish. But to your dismay, Carvallain deemed it worthless and tricked the Sanguine Sirens into taking it off his hands. Seek out Rhoswen at the Missing Member and hope the Twelve that she hasn't likewise cast it away.
  • In disgusted tones, Rhoswen confirms having accepted the dried fish from Carvallain. Raulf eagerly offers to buy it from her, but the Sirens captain informs him that she has ordered it all discarded. Just when it seems you must travel all the way to the Far East, Melkoko comes in with glad tidings: she has held on to the dried fish. Raulf volunteers to grab the stuff from the storehouse, and bids you join him back in his kitchen at Revenant's Toll.
  • Back at Revenant's Toll, you and Raulf set about making udon. While he prepares the noodles, he bids you boil the broth using the dried fish. See to your task and present the broth to Raulf when it is ready.
  • You give the steaming broth to Raulf, who combines it with his noodles and serves up the udon to elderly Domans. Much to his relief, the dish is well received, but the triumph is short-lived, for Anzu's father, Unzan, arrives soon after and proceeds to heap scorn upon Raulf. Sampling the udon, Unzan awards your broth a passing grade, but tears Raulf's noodles apart while managing another disparaging comment at its maker, and takes his leave. Reach out to your brother culinarian to see how he fares after the unpleasant confrontation.
  • Raulf takes the opportunity to tell you all about the complication between he and Anzu. Her father refuses to accept a vagrant adventurer for a son-in-law, and so Raulf decided to give up the adventuring life in order to focus on cooking. The choice of Far Eastern cuisine, too, was for the sake of gaining approval, but therein lies a problem: Unzan himself is a chef of no small renown, who had his own pretigious restaurant back in Doma. But no matter the difficulties, Raulf is determined to succeed as a culinarian and win Unzan over, and he expresses his hopes that he can continue depending on your help.