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Love Meat Tender

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Love Meat Tender

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.6, Y:13.9)
Required items
1 Cockatrice meatballs icon1.png  Cockatrice Meatballs HQ icon.png
Experience 1,113,840
Gil 570
Previous quest
Feature QuestLooking for Some Hot Stuff
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Spirit of Hospitality

Melkoko would like to share with you the outcome of Rhoswen's plot.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:



  • Melkoko would like to share with you the outcome of Rhoswen's plot.
  • Having informed you of Rhoswen's failed attempt to entrap Carvallain, Melkoko remembers that Lyngsath has been looking for you. Hurry over to the Bismarck and ask the guildmaster what he requires of you.
  • Lyngsath informs you that Master Dellemont, founder and judge of the contest of his namesake, is due at the Bismarck to inspect the venue. With his hands full preparing for the visit, Lyngsath needs you to cook for an old friend in his stead. The friend, an elderly retired pirate, is fond of meat, but no longer has the teeth with which to masticate it. To this end, Lyngsath bids you prepare for him a dish that is at once meaty and tender─cockatrice meatballs.
  • No sooner do you present the cockatrice meatballs to Lyngsath than Master Dellemont arrives at the Bismarck. He waits patiently as the guildmaster serves his old friend, who devours his meal with relish and leaves with a smile on his face. Shortly thereafter, H'mhasi Tia and Melkoko come to pay their respects to Master Dellemont, but an argument breaks out between them which culminates in an unexpected wager. Though she has absolutely no business doing so, Melkoko agrees to relinquish ownership of the Bismarck to H'mhasi Tia should he emerge triumphant in the Dellemont d'Or. Should he lose to you, however, he must give up his calling. The stakes have become exceedingly high; see to it that you are fully prepared for the contest─for Lyngsath's sake, if no one else's.
    • ※The next culinarian quest will be available from Melkoko upon reaching level 60.