Trial by Turtle

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Trial by Turtle

Quest giver
South Shroud (X:16.8, Y:28.2)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Adamantoise Egg Icon.png  Adamantoise Egg
Experience 12,480
Gil 0
Previous quest
A Modest Proposal
Next quest
The Perfect Prey

Landenel needs to explain a few things to you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Landenel needs to explain a few things to you.
  • Landenel has told you of an egg suitable for your purposes. However, he believes that you will surely perish if you attempt to take it, and states that other heroes will rise to the occasion and slay Titan even if you do not. If you have the courage to press onward, journey to the nest and attempt to claim the egg.
  • As Landenel suspected, you were immediately attacked by the mother adamantoise when you touched the egg. It was a mighty struggle, but in the end you survived. You may now claim your prize.
  • Contrary to what Landenel said, U'odh Nunh has no intention of aiding you in your quest. It seems the old Miqo'te will require some convincing...


Landenel: Let me be clear: this business between you, me, and the captain must remain a secret.
Landenel: See, I don't regret my time spent with the Company in the slightest. Traveling the world, meeting interesting people, killing them─it was all jolly good fun.
Landenel: Alas, Gridanians are, by and large, an unforgiving lot─Detoh here being a rare exception.
Landenel: I've had to go to great lengths to ensure that I am seen as a model citizen, with no taste for drinking, whoring, gambling, and all those other activities I so dearly miss.
Landenel: So understand that if you ruin my little charade by wagging your tongue, I'll fashion a noose with your entrails and hang you from the nearest heavenspillar.
Landenel: Well, what are you waiting for? There's a perfectly good adamantoise egg in a nest to the east of here, just ripe for the taking.
Landenel: Not that I expect you to live long enough to claim it!
Landenel: The mother never strays far from the child, and you will surely be attacked the moment you lay hands upon the egg.
Landenel: ...There will be other heroes, Forename. You do not need to challenge Titan. Abandon your quest, or your corpse will rot in this swamp.
Landenel: I thought you might have the good sense to leave this place. By your continued presence, I take it you intend to persevere to the bitter end?
Landenel: Ahahaha! Such bravery, such recklessness! That will serve you well against Titan.
Landenel: Leave the egg with me─I'll see that it gets to the captain. You should make haste to southern Thanalan.
Landenel: In Forgotten Springs, you will find a man named U'odh Nunh. He will be your next guide. Safe travels, Forename.

At Forgotten Springs:

U'odh Nunh: State your business, adventurerrr.
U'odh Nunh: <snort> Hah hah hah! So this is the one Wheiskaet sends me.
U'odh Nunh: I haven't the foggiest what he sees in you─and until I do, you will rrreceive no aid from me.