The Heretic among Us

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Lord Drillemont requires your assistance in bringing the heretic masquerading as Inquisitor Guillaime to justice.

— In-game description



  • Lord Drillemont has asked you to accompany him to Snowcloak, where the heretic masquerading as Inquisitor Guillaime is said to be conducting another interrogation. if the imposter refuses to surrender, Lord Drillemont intends to use force. Prepare for the worst and rendezvous with the knights at Snowcloak.
  • Faced with Lord Drillemont's accusations, the false inquisitor declares that he cannot betray that which he owes no allegiance, and that all Ishgardians must be held to account for their persecution of the heretics. With that, he summons his Dravanian allies and endeavors to defend himself, going so far as to use his magicks to assume the form of a dragon. The ruse serves only to anger Lord Drillemont, however, and with his aid you dispel the heretic's glamour and slay his scalekin accomplices. Defiant to the last, the nameless heretic rejoices in the vengeance he wreaked, predicting with his dying breath that you will meet your end in the Stone Vigil. Return to Whitebrim Front and inform Alphinaud of the imposter's demise.
  • Alphinaud refuses to revel in your victory over the false inquisitor, declaring that there will be time enough to celebrate when the Enterprise has been secured. Happily, your path into the Stone Vigil now seems clear. All that remains is for you and your companions to pay one final visit to Lord Drillemont.

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