Augmented Artifact Armor

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Augmented Artifact Armor is the upgraded versions of the original level 45/50 Artifact Armor. While Augmented gear have the same stats as their normal versions, they can be Dye (action) icon1.png  Dyed into various colors.

A Realm Reborn

Players can unlock Augmented Artifact Armor by completing the quest Feature QuestSimply to Dye For. Then you need to exchange the desired Artifact gear to Kakalan in Mor Dhona with a level 50★★★ Alchemist frame icon.png Alchemist crafted item (2 for body and legs).


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In Heavensward, the Augmented Artifact gear was acquired by upgrading Antiquated gear with Illuminati gobdip icon1.png  Illuminati Gobdip (for weapons), Illuminati gobtwine icon1.png  Illuminati Gobtwine (for armor), or Illuminati gobcoat icon1.png  Illuminati Gobcoat (for accessories) with Seika in Idyllshire (X:6.7 Y:7.4). This would be the standard method for upgrading tomestone gear going forward.

When Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics Esoterics were retired in Patch 3.4, the entire set was moved to Yolaine in Foundation (X:13.0 Y:11.8) for Centurio Seal Centurio Seals along with the upgrade items. The augmented versions replaced the base versions during a quality of life pass in Patch 5.3, and the upgrade items were retired. Any Antiquated gear still in existence can be augmented at Seika, but now with Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 100 Poetics per piece.

Because this was tomestone gear as well as artifact gear, this would be the only time augmentation also improved the gear's stats.


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For Stormblood, the Antiquated gear is directly awarded as a coffer on the level 70 Job Quests, and it is upgraded inside Eureka at Gerolt in Anemos (X:18.0 Y:32.3) with Protean crystal icon1.png  Protean Crystals and Anemos crystal icon1.png  Anemos Crystals like ERelic gear. There are four upgrade tiers before the armor becomes dyable: a base set, a +1 set, a +2 set, and finally the dyeable Anemos set.


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During Shadowbringers, there is no way to upgrade the i430 Weathered armor to be dyable. Instead the dyable version of the armor is a different set entirely. The i480 Idealized Armor set is only available via the trial Trial Memoria Misera (Extreme) or in exchange for its totem, High legatus idol icon1.png  High Legatus Idol.
The i430 weapons are immediately dyable and no longer prefixed Weathered as of Patch 6.0 and the release of Endwalker.


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With Endwalker, the Artifact Sets were made dyable by completing the Endwalker Role Quests, which is not required to receive the gear. There is not a separate armor set, instead the gear shows little lock icons where the dye color circle would normally be. Once a role quest is completed, all Jobs in the role will have their sets dyable, even those not yet received or leveled (it checks for the achievement).


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