Upgrade Items

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Upgrade Items are endgame tokens that are used to Augment gear purchased with Allagan Tomestones at vendors in the Endgame Hubs. This improves the gear's item level by 10 and makes it dyeable. Initially, these items are only available via the (Savage) versions of the 8-player Raids. However, in the next major patch an Alliance Raid is released that comes with a Raid Token which can be used to exchange for these Upgrade Items. This allows casual players access to the Augmented gear, but at a later time than (Savage) raiders. The Upgrade Items also eventually end up at their expansion's Hunt vendors.

When a new expansion comes out (beginning after patch 5.3) existing upgrade items get phased out, and the Tomestone gear is transitioned to Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Poetics and becomes pre-Augmented.