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Against the Dying of the Light

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Against the Dying of the Light

Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:11)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 713
Previous quest
Dreams of the Lost
Next quest
As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

Lucia would begin the hunt for the arsonists without delay.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


You are now getting as quests rewards Item Level 240 gear that was formerly purchased with Allagan Tomestone of Lore Allagan Tomestones of Lore. If you haven't already, complete your level 60 Job Quest for a coffer containing an ilvl 210 left side gear set.



  • Alas, Lord Emmanellain has little to offer beyond charming repartee, and the observation that the Hoplon has been inundated with refugees on their way to receive food and shelter in the Vault -- an initiative of Ser Aymeric's, apparently. No closer to identifying the arsonists, Thancred and Hilda resolve to inspect the locations where the fires were set while you question the refugees on the off-chance that one knows something of value.
  • Yet again, your efforts avail you little, for while one child thinks she may have caught a glimpse of a suspicious man, she cannot describe him in any detail. Rendezvous with Thancred and Hilda and share your findings, if such they may be called.
  • Although Thancred has nothing conclusive to add, he does observe that the fires set near Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral and Saint Endalim's Scholasticate suffered surprisingly minor damage when compared to other less venerated structures. Mayhap Alphinaud's party can contribute more to the investigation.
  • It would seem that the efforts of your comrades in Foundation have been rather more fruitful, as they have detained a suspect seen loitering near several homes before they were set alight, and more recently near their smoldering remains. Unconvinced by his protestations of innocence, Thancred tricks the man into confessing by claiming his highborn master betrayed his trust. Return to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly and share your findings with Lucia.
  • Having returned to the Congregation, you breathlessly share the findings of your investigation. Though the arsonist withdrew his cooperation scant moments after providing it, Lucia is confident that she will soon have answers. Your conversation is then interrupted by Lord Artoirel, who has come on his father's behalf to deliver a special salve for Ser Aymeric. As Alphinaud watches him leave, he observes that the young nobleman is not in the best of spirits. To this, Lucia responds that given the rumors circulating about his father and the untimely passing of his half-brother, it would be strange if he were otherwise. Truly, none can deny that House Fortemps has known much tragedy of late...