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For Those We Can Yet Save

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For Those We Can Yet Save

For Those We Can Yet Save Image.png
Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:18, Y:15)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 1,087
Previous quest
A Spectacle for the Ages
Next quest
Causes and Costs

Ser Aymeric is beaming with pride.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • As you pass through the city gates, a familiar voice calls out in greeting. Honoroit, Lord Emmanellain's manservant, has made a full recovery and is eager to resume his duties. As the boy and his master make up for lost time, Alphinaud and Lord Edmont bid you welcome as well, congratulating you and your comrades on your rousing victory over the Alliance. Emboldened by their words, Ser Aymeric declares that the peace conference is to be reconvened at once -- that they will make peace with Hraesvelgr's brood and hasten the Dragonsong War to its end.
  • Alphinaud reveals that while he knew of your journey to Falcon's Nest, he refrained from joining you there for fear of turning to you for guidance. Master Matoya's words left a lasting impression on him, and he desired time alone to reflect on his life's course. Though he is yet uncertain about a great many matters, there are things he would say to you... but only after the conference is concluded.
  • Falcon's Nest is once more bustling with activity, the main square filled with spectators awaiting the commencement of ceremonies. Amidst the hubbub, you find Lord Artoirel, who thanks you for looking after his younger brother in the grand melee. Alas, he cannot speak with you at length, for duty calls, and he leaves you and Alphinaud to wait for the conference to begin.
  • For one thousand years have generations of Ishgardians and Dravanians lived and died, unable to conceive of a world without war. But when, during the unveiling of a relief celebrating the union of Saint Shiva and Hraesvelgr, Ser Aymeric and Vidofnir come together and speak of peace, such a world seems more than mere fantasy.

    The dream endures for all of an instant. Without warning, Estinien leaps down from on high and drives his lance into Vidofnir's back, the white dragon's blood painting the relief a deep red. As the dragon collapses, Ser Aymeric seizes a bow and looses an arrow at his friend's heart, duty guiding his hand. The dragoon has naught to fear from worldly weapons, however, swatting aside the deadly shaft and regaining his perch atop a nearby tower. Silence.

    All present strain to see the man who once embodied Ishgard's defiance. Estinien's now crimson armor radiates a malevolent power which pours forth from two massive, twitching eyes fused to his arm and shoulder. And when he speaks, it is not with the voice of a man, but a wyrm. Nidhogg. The wrathful shade declares that the final chorus of the Dragonsong War is nigh, and that all will soon answer for their sins. He then throws his arms wide, and with a bestial roar, transforms into his draconic form, taking wing for distant skies. Ser Aymeric's face is a mask, unreadable, his eyes fixed upon the wyrm as he whispers an oath you cannot hear for the cries of the crowd howling for Nidhogg's blood.

    Alphinaud watches as the last guests leave Falcon's Nest. Vidofnir will live, he tells you, though it was surely not by accident. Nidhogg's declaration of war was doubtless also a demonstration of power for Hraesvelgr's brood -- and for the Ishgardians, who could do naught but watch as he wielded Estinien as an instrument of his vengeance.