Why We Adventure

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Why We Adventure

Why We Adventure Image.png
Quest giver
Western Thanalan (X:13, Y:14)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 4,800
Gil 1,220
Previous quest
Yugiri's Game
Next quest
All Due Respect

At long last, Hozan and his group are ready to leave Vesper Bay.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • The road to Ul'dah may be regularly patrolled by the Brass Blades, but Hozan craves the peace of mind your presence would bring, and has thus requested that you accompany his party to Ul'dah. Speak with the coachman when you are ready to leave.
  • The coachman is concerned about recent sightings of a fearsome beast near the bridge to Hammerlea, and asks that you travel ahead of the carriage to survey the area. Should you encounter the creature in question, you are to assess the threat it poses, and take appropriate action.
  • Thanks to you, the road is now safe for travel once more. Retrace your steps and look for the carriage and its coachman outside Horizon.
  • As Hozan and Homei wax poetical about the debt they owe Yugiri, Yozan and Koharu push the two adults aside and begin peppering you with questions. Your motivations, your experiences, your secrets -- they would know them all and more. Fortunately, Hozan intervenes before they have a chance to ask you anything too embarrassing. Plainly fascinated by your chosen way of life, the two children resolve there and then to form a Doman Adventurers' Guild once they reach Revenant's Toll. First, however, they must rest awhile in Ul'dah. Report the group's safe arrival to Alphinaud in the Quicksand.
  • In a manner you have long since grown accustomed to, Alphinaud begins to speak of your next assignment having scarcely acknowledged the completion of the last. Stifle the sigh that longs to be set free and ask your fellow Scion for further details.

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