Yugiri's Game

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Yugiri's Game

Yugiri's Game Image.png
Quest giver
Western Thanalan (X:13, Y:14)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 4,800
Gil 1,658
Previous quest
Promises to Keep
Next quest
Why We Adventure

Hozan has another favor to ask of you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • As their departure draws ever closer, Hozan must account for all his charges, including a number of young children. To that end, he asks that you speak with his son, Yozan, who he believes may be able to help.
  • Hozan is proud of his son, and with good reason: Yozan has already instructed the other children to make their preparations. The only ones who have yet to be located are a trio who were engaged in a game of hide and seek. It would seem that the children are very serious when it comes to the game, and will not move from their hiding spots unless found, leaving you with no choice but to find them yourself.
  • Despite their dedication to the game, the three remaining children were not particularly good at it. Inform Hozan that your work is finished.
  • You learn that Yugiri is responsible for the children's regular practice of hide and seek, as she deemed it necessary to ensure their survival in the event of an imperial attack. Many would consider it a valuable skill, to be sure -- albeit one Hozan hopes the children never need to use.

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