Yugiri's Game

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Yugiri's Game

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:11.7, Y:9.6)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 1,658
Previous quest
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Next quest
Main Scenario QuestWhy We Adventure

Main Scenario Progress: 176 / 853 (20.6%)


A Realm Reborn Progress: 176 / 241 (73%)


Hozan has another favor to ask of you.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:


Shiun (X:12.5, Y:14.8)
Koharu (X:13.1, Y:13.5)
Rokka (X:13.3, Y:14.7)



  • Alphinaud would ensure that the ongoing preparations for the Domans' journey proceed as smoothly as possible. To facilitate the process, he bids you return to Vesper Bay and speak with Hozan, a Doman who has been tasked with managing the first wave of departures.
  • As their departure draws ever closer, Hozan must account for all his charges, including a number of young children. To that end, he asks that you speak with his son, Yozan, who he believes may be able to help.
  • Hozan is proud of his son, and with good reason: Yozan has already instructed the other children to make their preparations. The only ones who have yet to be located are a trio who were engaged in a game of hide-and-seek. It would seem that the children are very serious when it comes to the game, and will not move from their hiding spots unless found, leaving you with no choice but to find them yourself.
  • Despite their dedication to the game, the three remaining children were not particularly good at it. Inform Hozan that your work is finished.
  • You learn that Yugiri is responsible for the children's regular practice of hide-and-seek, as she deemed it necessary to ensure their survival in the event of an imperial attack. Many would consider it a valuable skill, to be sure─albeit one Hozan hopes the children never need to use.


Accepting the Quest

Alphinaud: As we speak, the Domans prepare for departure at Vesper Bay, wherefrom they will be transported by carriage to Ul'dah.
Alphinaud: That said, this has all been decided rather suddenly, and it would not surprise me if the refugees required some assistance in coordinating their preparations.
Alphinaud: [Forename], I would have you return to Vesper Bay and facilitate the process through tasks great and small. In short: whatever must needs be done, do it.
Alphinaud: Speak with a man named Hozan when you arrive. As Lady Yugiri tells it, he has been designated the leader of the first group.
Alphinaud: I know that these tasks may seem trifling at times. However, they are vital to ensuring the safety of the refugees for their pending journey.

Speaking with Hozen in Vesper Bay

Hozan: Greetings. Alphinaud informed me that a Scion would be arriving to help with the preparations. I am honored to meet you, though shamed as well. A great warrior should not be tasked with such trivialities.
Hozan: Aye, I knew from a glance what manner of man/woman you were. I too have some skill at arms, as do many of our people.
Hozan: Pray forgive this trifle, but might I trouble you to help round up the children that have been given into my care?
Hozan: They are most adept at staying hidden from my sight, but perhaps your keen eyes will succeed where I have failed.
Hozan: You have my thanks, friend. Pray seek out my son Yozan. He can tell you more.
Hozan: These have been trying times, but Yozan has handled himself well. I only wish there were more I could do for him.

Speaking with Yozan

Yozan: Oh, hello there! I'm Yozan, son of Hozan. Will you be coming with us to Ul'dah? I hear we're traveling by horsebird-drawn carriage!
Yozan: But...don't you think they're queer? Giant birds that people ride like horses? I still want to try riding one, but─
Yozan: What's that? You're looking for the others? Don't worry. I already told them to get ready for the carriages.
Yozan: I'll need your help, though. We were just finishing a game of hide-and-seek. Three players are still in hiding, and since Lady Yugiri told us to take it really seriously, they won't move until they're found. But Vesper Bay isn't that big, so I bet you can find them in no time!
Yozan: Everything's so different! The buildings, the people— Even the smells are different!
Hiding Child: Hey! You're not Yozan! Who're you?
Koharu: I'm Koharu. [Forename] [Surname], eh? I didn't know anyone else was─ Waaait a minute! You're one of those, um, Stallions, aren't you!?
Koharu: No─ Scions, Scions! Then you must know Lady Yugiri, right? Isn't she great!? She's really good at hide-and-seek, too! Oh, right─ It's almost time to go. Nice meeting you, [Forename] [Surname]!
Hiding Child: How'd you find me!? Bah! Guess I need to practice more.
Hiding Child: Or maybe you're just good at this? I mean, the Garleans didn't find me...
Hiding Child: Um... Are you playing? Ahhh! No fair! Yozan didn't say anything about adults!
Hiding Child: Huh? We get to ride a horsebird carriage? I don't know... It sounds scary. But if Yozan says it's safe, I'll go.

Speaking with Hozan

Hozan: Wonderful! All the children are accounted─ Hide-and-seek? Ah, I see that you are curious. It is quite simple, really.
Hozan: Lady Yugiri thought it best that the children know what to do in case the Garleans found us.
Hozan: I should hope that those days are behind us, but I nevertheless take comfort in knowing that we are prepared.