Tactical Planning

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Tactical Planning

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:4.7, Y:11.4)
Experience 3,420
Gil 0
Previous quest
What's in the Box
Next quest
Topaz Teachings

Acting Guildmaster Thubyrgeim wishes to assess the improvement of your arcanima skills.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Acting Guildmaster Thubyrgeim wishes to assess the improvement of your arcanima skills.
  • In order to once again gauge your growth as an arcanist, Thubyrgeim bids you travel to western La Noscea to engage in battle with more ferocious foes. Slay three roselings and three wild jackals.
  • You have slain the designated creatures. Return to the Arcanists' Guild and report to Thubyrgeim.
  • The foreseer explains that a goblin family of peddlers known as the Boilstox are suspected of dealing in black market goods. Predicting a violent responce to her inspection, K'lyhia bids you stand ready to execute a tactic she has dubbed "Stratagem: Focus Fire." Travel to middle La Noscea, and rendezvous with the assessor at the goblins' location.
  • You have successfully subdued the Boilstox. Speak with K'lyhia and follow her instructions.
  • K'lyhia educates you on the necessity of knowing your own strengths and weaknesses when formulating strategies. Return to Thubyrgeim at the Arcanists' Guild and inform her that the inspection is complete.
  • After returning to the guild and making your report, Thubyrgeim hints that your burgeoning abilities may soon qualify you for a more ambitious assignment. Continue to improve and experiment with your strategies in preparation for the next call to duty.
    • The next arcanist quest will be available from Thubyrgeim upon reaching level 15.