Over the Rails

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Over the Rails

Arcanist Class Image.JPG
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:4, Y:11)
Experience 3,360
Previous quest
Topaz Teachings
Next quest
Pincer Maneuver

Acting Guildmaster Thubyrgeim is awaiting the arrival of the inspection party members.

— In-game description


Hard leather grimoire icon1.png Allagan bronze piece icon1.png, Cotton cowl icon1.png, Hard leather ringbands icon1.png, Cotton tights icon1.png, Hard leather boots icon1.png


  • Speak with K'lyhia outside Aleport.
  • Speak with the landing boat steersman.
  • Speak with the landing boat steersman.
  • Wait by the landing boat.
  • Report to Thubyrgeim at the Arcanists' Guild


  • Acting Guildmaster Thubyrgeim is awaiting the arrival of the inspection party members.
  • Now that all the members of the Mealvaan's Gate inspection party are assembled and briefed, Foreseer K'lyhia is ready to depart. Meet the assessor and the mercenaries outside of Aleport, and prepare to board the merchant vessel, the Morningstar
  • In order to make your way to the Morningstar, you must first board the small transport craft tied up at the end of the pier. Speak with the landing boat steersman, and announce the arrival of the inspection party.
  • You have defeated the thugs sent to impede the inspection. Speak with the steersman once more.
  • You have secured the pier for your companions. Head to the landing boat, and await the arrival of Foreseer K'lyhia and the two mercenaries.
  • After a mighty battle with the crew of the Morningstar, you manage to arrive before the hatch that leads belowdecks. But just as K'lyhia seeks to begin her inspection, she is suddenly confronted by the ship's dreadful captain. With her grimoire tossed overboard, and her wits scattered by the terrible man standing before her, the foreseer slips into unconsciousness. You have no choice but to abandon the task. Return to the Arcanists' Guild and inform Thubyrgeim of your failure.
  • You learn from Thubyrgeim that the captain of the Morningstar is an exiled pirate by the name of Doesmaga, and that this is not the first time the foreseer has suffered at his hands. Though K'lyhia has sustained no lasting physical injuries, her mind may require some time to recover from the shock of the encounter. The acting guildmaster bids you channel your emotions into your training, and clear your head for forthcoming duties.
  • The next arcanist quest will be available from Thubyrgeim upon reaching level 20.

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