Sinking Doesmaga

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Sinking Doesmaga

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:4.7, Y:11.4)
Required items
1 Directives list icon1.png  Directives List
1 Fresh herring icon1.png  Fresh Herring
1 Homemade eel pie icon1.png  Homemade Eel Pie
1 Heavy purse icon1.png  Heavy Purse
1 Odd leather satchel icon1.png  Odd Leather Satchel
1 Well-worn pareo icon1.png  Well-worn Pareo
1 Vintage wine icon1.png  Vintage Wine
Experience 12,480
Previous quest
Feature QuestGrimoire Fandango
Next quest
Feature QuestAusterities of Flame
Feature QuestForgotten but Not Gone

Acting Guildmaster Thubyrgeim has instructions for you from Foreseer K'lyhia.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


The level 20 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestSylph-management is required for the next quest to unlock.



  • Acting Guildmaster Thubyrgeim has instructions for you from Foreseer K'lyhia.
  • Thubyrgeim explains that K'lyhia has already begun her grand strategy that will culminate in Doesmaga's downfall. Your first task in this daring scheme is to deliver a set of instructions to a fisherman known as Rhylzirn, who can be found in Costa del Sol, in eastern La Noscea.
  • After delivering the list to Rhylzirn, you are rewarded with a fresh herring. Your next task, accordidng to the gruff fisherman, is to take the fish you received to the cook, Opylona.
  • Opylona, happy to receive the freshly caught herring, insists you take one of her homemade eel pies. The cook then relays instructions from "your arcanist colleague": you are to deliver the pastry to Master Gegeruju, rather than succumb to the demands of your stomach.
  • In return for the eel pie, Master Gegeruju rewards you with a heavy purse of gil. Before you can begin counting out your new fortune, however, you receive K'lyhia's next set of instructions from P'ebaloh. It seems you must deliver the bulging sack of coins to Ealdgyth the dancer.
  • For what seems a somewhat exorbitant price, you give the hefty purse to Ealdgyth in exchange for her well-worn pareo and a mysterious leather satchel. As instructed, take the pareo to Drogo, the warehouse foreman.
  • Drogo, still questioning his good fortune at receiving Ealdgyth's pareo, gives you a bottle of vintage wine. Take the bottle, and pour a cup for the Morningstar crew members who are drinking at the Flying Shark.
  • Impressed with the vintage of the wine, Hirskskrat invites you aboard the Morningstar to talk business with Captain Doesmaga. Speak with Hirsksrat at the jetty when you are ready to depart.
  • K'lyhia's clever tactics coupled with your flawless execution have led to the resounding defeat of the pirate Doesmaga. With her past firmly behind her, the foreseer is able to clearly see the reality she desired all along. Return to the Arcanists' Guild and inform Thubyrgeim of K'lyhia's decision to seek out the guildmaster.
  • Hand over the odd leather satchel to Thubyrgeim.
  • After hearing of your exploits and learning of K'lyhia's decision, Thubyrgeim concludes that the pairing of the arcanima-obsessed guildmaster and foreseer will lead to great advances in the art of the arcanist. Citing your involvement as the catalyst for these developments, the acting guildmaster rewards you with a new technique and encourages you to continue improving in your chosen discipline.


Accepting the quest

Thubyrgeim: I've been expecting you, [Player]. As ever, K'lyhia's predictions prove accurate almost down to the moment. And her mind is especially sharp with such a dangerous confrontation in the offing.
Thubyrgeim: The Yellowjackets have contacted us with word of Doesmaga: it appears his merchant vessel is presently anchored off the coast of Bloodshore.
Thubyrgeim: Once the pirate's business there is concluded, rumor has it that he intends to embark on an extended voyage to the East. It will be some time before he returns once more to Limsa Lominsa.
Thubyrgeim: If we pass up this opportunity, K'lyhia will lose her chance to settle the score with Doesmaga——and we risk the foreseer stumbling once more into blackest melancholy.
Thubyrgeim: Simply getting close enough to Doesmaga will prove difficult. K'lyhia has, however, already formulated a solution, and has set her grand strategy into motion.
Thubyrgeim: Your first task in this undertaking is to travel to Costa del Sol and deliver this set of directions to a fisherman by the name of Rhylzirn. More instructions will be forthcoming.

Delivering item to Rhylzirn

Rhylzirn: What is it ye want, lad/lass? As ye can see, I've me 'ands full with me fishin'...
Rhylzirn: Ah, thanks fer that. I been told to expect ye. 'Ere, yer to take one o' me 'errings and deliver it to the cook, Opylona.

Delivering item to Opylona

Opylona: Yes, and how might I help you? Master Gegeruju is expecting his supper any moment now...
Opylona: A fresh herring? Why, the master does enjoy a bite of broiled fish of an evening. This might even earn me a few extra coins for this week's wages!
Opylona: Well, you have earned yourself one of my homemade eel pies! I should tell you, though, your arcanist colleague was quite insistent that you take the pie to Master Gegeruju, rather than scoff it down yourself.

Delivering item to Gegeruju

Gegeruju: And what brings you to my——and I use the term facetiously——humble abode, dear sir/[?]? Mmm, such a heavenly aroma. Are you, perchance, carrying an eel pie about your person?
Gegeruju: How commendable that you should research the delicacies that tickle my fancy before daring to intrude upon my most ponderous of ponderings. Speaking of ponderous——well, I was speaking of it, at least——I have a hefty purse of gil to persuade you to relinquish your claim on that pastry...


P'ebaloh: One moment, if you will. I have been instructed by a Mealvaan's Gate assessor to hand over this message to whoever delivers an eel pie to Master Gegeruju.
Message: Take the purse you received from Master Gegeruju, and hand it to the dancer Ealdgyth as she prepares to return home.


Delivering item to Ealdgyth

Ealdgyth: Yes? If you're looking for a dancer, then I would first see your coin. I've three children to feed, and no time to waste on idle chat.
Ealdgyth: Oh my, that is quite a purse! My precious darlings will eat like kings this week!
Ealdgyth: And such a simple job, as well. I was told to expect you, you see. In return for the coin, I am to give you these.
Ealdgyth: The leather satchel is from your Miqo'te friend, and the pareo is from me. That last item you are to deliver to Drogo, the warehouse foreman.

Delivering item to Drogo

Drogo: I ain't got time fer the likes o' you: if I don't get me work squared away soon, the master'll 'ave me 'ead on a pike. Hm? Ye got summat fer me, ye say?
Drogo: 'Ey, now, ain't this Ealdgyth's pareo!?
Drogo: That Miqo'te lass said someone'd be bringin' me a gift what I couldn't refuse, an' stick me with a pitchfork if she weren't tellin' the gods' own truth! 'Ere, yer s'posed to 'ave this bottle o' wine.
Drogo: Take it to the Flyin' Shark an' pour a cup fer the sailors what're drinkin' there. That's what she told me to tell ye, anyroad. I'd watch me back if I was you, though, son/[?]——them sailors're the meanest bunch o' cutthroats I ever did see.

Delivering item to Hirskskrat

Hirskskrat: Ye want me to taste yer wine, eh? Well, now, I ain't one to pass up free grog.
Hirskskrat: Llymlaen's teats! Now that's a bloody fine drop! If we ship this stuff to the East, we'll be sellin' bottles by the crate!
Hirskskrat: Yer comin' with us back to the Morningstar. The captain'll want to 'ave a word with ye.

Agree to board the Morningstar?

  • Yes


Hirskskrat: There's a good lad/[?]. An' as fer ye, Miss Dancer, ye stick close to ol' Hirskskrat——it gets damn cold on them long sea voyages, heh heh heh.
K'lyhia: (Shhh. We'll talk later.)

Speaking to Hirskskrat

Hirskskrat: Ye ready, then? We'll be off as soon as the boat's loaded.

Cutscene pt. 1

Hirskskrat: Ah, fine grog an' a fine woman. The captain'll be pleased with this haul.
K'lyhia: Pray do not stare so. This was the most expedient method of gaining access to the ship.
K'lyhia: I will take that satchel from you now. You may have it back after I take the items I need.
Hirskskrat: 'Ey, what mischief are you two about!?
K'lyhia: I was merely borrowing some clothes. You wouldn't want me to catch a chill from this brisk ocean air, would you?
Hirskskrat: Ye'll be dancin' yerself warm once we get ye on the ship, lass.

Cutscene pt. 2

Hirskskrat: Ye better slip off that ratty robe afore ye meet the captain.
K'lyhia: Of course, of course!
K'lyhia: I'll be happy to show him the performance that awaits!
Doesmaga: The bitch Admiral's lapdog! Come back fer that lesson, 'ave ye?
K'lyhia: It is I who shall be teaching this day! My lecture will focus on the manipulation of reality through applied strategy!
Doesmaga: Enough o' this damn yappin'! By the time I'm done with ye, ye'll remember who yer real master is!

Solo duty

Foreseer K'lyhia: [Player]!
This geometry will turn the tide of the battle! Doesmaga: Fight, ye worthless sea slugs!
I oughta keelhaul the lot o' ye!


Doesmaga: Ye rabid little cur!
K'lyhia: Our numbers matter not; it is strategy that will win this battle!
K'lyhia: Prepare yourself, Doesmaga! With your defeat will I cast off the shackles you closed on my soul!
Doesmaga: Ye think so, eh? Think yer fancy magicks're a match fer my blade!? Ye've got another thing comin'!

Solo duty

Foreseer K'lyhia: Your brutalized crew is not up to the task, Doesmaga!
I calculate our odds of victory at 99%! Doesmaga Poisonheart: Hmph, so ye can handle a few deck scrags.
Me axe'll carve yer petty plans into bloody ruin!


K'lyhia: Doesmaga now faces defeat. He will flee to the starboard rail.
K'lyhia: Obvious. Next comes his attempt to escape into the sea.
Doesmaga: Ye think yer pullin' me strings, do ye!? Think I'll dance to yer tune?
Doesmaga: Well, I ain't fallin' for yer bloody tricks!
K'lyhia: It is at this moment he notices the Yellowjackets I had you summon in my explicit instructions to Rhylzirn.
Rhylzirn: You were a fool to return, Doesmaga! I hear you're fond of shackles, so we brought a set especially for you!
K'lyhia: Thus concludes today's lecture.
K'lyhia: Thank you, [Player]. This strategy would not have succeeded without your flawless execution.
K'lyhia: ...Which suggests that my tactics yet require more work. One must allow for some small deviation in performance.
K'lyhia: I believe, however, that I now understand where my calculations went awry: it is not enough to wish to shape reality; one must also have a complete understanding of the reality one wishes to obtain.
K'lyhia: It is time I sought out our guildmaster!
K'lyhia: Pray convey to Mistress Thubyrgeim my fondest wishes, and my appreciation for all that she has done for me.
K'lyhia: The true test of my strategies now begins!

Reporting back to Thubyrgeim

Thubyrgeim: Welcome back, [Player]. There is much I would ask you, but first, may I have the satchel you received during your assignment?

Delivering item to Thubyrgeim

Thubyrgeim: May I have the leather satchel you received during your assignment?


Thubyrgeim: The original owner needs her costume back, you see. I'll make sure everything is returned safe and sound.
Thubyrgeim: Now, let us speak of K'lyhia. I am glad to know that she has finally freed herself to pursue her heart's desire. And you are to thank for awakening the foreseer to her self-imposed fetters.
Thubyrgeim: The brilliance of K'lyhia's strategies served to blind her to her own feelings, and it pained me to see her suffer so.
Thubyrgeim: Your example may even encourage K'lyhia to improve her combat abilities, although such will surely come in time——after all, she intends to study under the guildmaster's direct instruction. Imagine those two obsessive arcanists, and the complexity of the tactics they will develop...
Thubyrgeim: It may very well be that your actions in bringing them together will prove the catalyst that sparks a new era of invention in the art of arcanima.
Thubyrgeim: You, too, should look to the improvement of your discipline if you are to keep pace with all that is certain to follow. To that end, I offer you a new technique, one I pray allows you to more readily drive back your foes on the battlefield.