Way of the Arcanist

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Way of the Arcanist

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:4.5, Y:11.2)
Experience 400
Previous quest
Feature QuestSo You Want to Be an Arcanist
Next quest
Feature QuestMy First Grimoire
Feature QuestWhat's in the Box

Murie wishes to reaffirm your desire to join the Arcanists' Guild.

— In-game description


  • Arcanist
  • If starting the game as a arcanist, the rewards will instead be: 5 Raisins icon1.png  Raisins


  • Speak with Thubyrgeim.
  • (If starting the game as a arcanist, you will have additional objectives):
  • Slay wharf rats. 0/3
  • Slay aureliae. 0/3
  • Slay little ladybugs. 0/3
  • Report to Thubyrgeim.


  • Though it is standard practice to present yourself to the guildmaster, Murie explains that the leader of the arcanists is not presently available. You are, instead, to speak with the acting guildmaster, Thubyrgeim.
  • After presenting yourself to Thubyrgeim and stating your intention to join the Arcanists' Guild, the scholarly Roegadyn hands you a weathered grimoire. Take the arcane tome in hand, and submit yourself to Thubyrgeim's instruction.
If starting as an arcanist, journal entries will be the following
  • Though it is standard practice to present yourself to the guildmaster, Murie explains that the leader of the arcanists is not presently available. You are, instead, to speak with the acting guildmaster, Thubyrgeim.
  • Thubyrgeim wishes you to display your commitment to the study of arcanima by means of a simple trial. Travel to lower La Noscea, and slay three wharf rats, three aureliae, and three little ladybugs.
  • You have slain the designated creatures. Return to the Arcanists' Guild and speak with the waiting Thubyrgeim.
  • With the completion of your preliminary trial, Acting Guildmaster Thubyrgeim officially welcomes you to the ranks of the Arcanists' Guild. Follow the Roegadyn's advice and continue to hone your arcanima skills and tactics by pitting yourself against the creatures of the wild.
    • ※ The next arcanist quest will be available from Thubyrgeim upon reaching level 5.


If starting as an Arcanist, dialogue from Murie will be as follows:

Murie: Welcome to the Arcanists' Guild. It is here that we research and develop the field of arcanima.
Murie: Arcanima is the science of employing “arcane geometries”─intricate patterns that map the unlocked mysteries of existence─to draw forth and manipulate the body's aetheric energies.
Murie: Ah, but if I am not mistaken, you already possess some rudimentary understanding of the craft. Shall I deepen your knowledge of our history, as well?
Murie: The roots of arcanima can be traced back to the esoteric calculations practiced by the people of the south sea isles. It was these island folk that first discovered a method to express natural phenomena in mathematical terms.
Murie: Building on this process, the existing mathematical formulae were further developed into arcane geometries─precise patterns that allowed a practitioner to weave aether into specific magical effects. The mages who invoked this new form of magic became known as “arcanists,” and the school of arcanima was born.
Murie: Many such mages, wishing to expand their understanding of the world, took to the seas aboard trading vessels. Upon their arrival in Limsa Lominsa, arcanists found themselves welcomed into the academic elite, and soon secured positions in the realms of governance and counsel.
Murie: The knowledge of an arcanist, however, is traditionally passed on from master to chosen disciple. As such, Admiral Merlwyb, counting several wielders of arcanima among her personal staff, became concerned that this exclusionary practice would lead to the eventual extinction of the art.
Murie: So, at the Admiral's express orders, an official Arcanists' Guild was established, and funding was provided for research and training.
Murie: The complex and demanding nature of arcanima, however, remains the greatest threat to its own future. If you would continue your study of this challenging discipline, then I must insist that you indicate your commitment to joining our guild.

Accepting the Quest

Murie: Well? Have you decided to enroll in our guild? Or are you now intimidated by the thought of excessive thinking?


Murie: You are, of course, free to ponder your decision for however long you like. I will be waiting should you choose to embrace a life of academic exertion.


Murie: Your sound judgment is to be commended. Now, standard practice dictates that I introduce you to our guildmaster that you might convey your intentions in person...
Murie: Due to extraordinary circumstances, however, he is...unreachable at present. Instead, you may speak with Mistress Thubyrgeim. She has shouldered full responsibility for the guild's leadership in the interim.
Murie: You will find her just over there, by the bookshelves. You needn't be shy─though her mind is sharp and critical, her manner is always most welcoming.

Speaking with Thurbyrgeim (Cutscene)

Thubyrgeim: Yes, I am Thubyrgeim. Greetings, and welcome to the Arcanists' Guild. As Murie has doubtlessly explained, I am serving as acting guildmaster until our wayward leader deigns to return. I assume our capable receptionist also spoke of our art's origins?
Thubyrgeim: Allow me, then, to expound upon its nature. Arcanima taps into the living energies of aether. The evidence of this is represented most aptly, perhaps, by our ability to manifest the arcane entity Carbuncle, and the manner of magic which this aetherial ally employs at our command.
Thubyrgeim: The core of the discipline, however, is found in the pursuit of definitive solutions to any potential quandary. Even on the field of battle─nay, especially on the field of battle─this principle takes precedence.
Thubyrgeim: If one wishes to make certain the question of victory, then one must apply the most effective strategy. An arcanist is measured by her ability to calmly analyze a situation from moment to moment, and respond with the most appropriate spells at hand.
Thubyrgeim: The study of arcanima will test your mental faculties to the point of perplexity. Are you prepared to reason your way through predicament after predicament?
< Are you prepared to reason? >
< Yes >
< No >
< No >
Thubyrgeim: I see. Though I commend you on coming to such a realization before joining the guild, I must admit to a measure of disappointment. Should you have a change in perspective, pray do not hesitate to seek me out once more.
< Yes >
Thubyrgeim: An unambiguous response─the kind I most prefer. Let us now see if the clarity of your words is matched by the sharpness of your mind.
Thubyrgeim: In lower La Noscea, you will find, among others, three species of pest: wharf rats, little ladybugs, and aureliae. I ask that you employ your skill in arcanima to eradicate three of each type of creature.
Thubyrgeim: Leave the city through the Tempest Gate, and you will soon encounter the potential targets in abundance. As long as you remain focused, I do not foresee these opponents causing you or your budding abilities undue difficulty.
Thubyrgeim: Once you return from completing this preliminary trial, I will welcome you as an official member of the Arcanists' Guild. May your judgment remain swift and clear.

Reporting to Thubyrgeim at the Arcanists' Guild

Thubyrgeim: I see the creatures beyond the city walls posed you little threat. It is with great pleasure, then, that I formally recognize your initiation into the guild. From this day forth, you may proudly bear the title of "arcanist".
Thubyrgeim: I suggest you continue your forays into the wilderness, and keep the pages of your grimoire turning–there is no finer teacher than the harsh mistress of experience.
Thubyrgeim: And to commemorate this occasion, I gift you with this hunting log.
Thubyrgeim: The enemies marked within its pages have been specifically chosen to challenge your abilities in arcanima. When you devise a new strategy or tactic you now have a ready source of opponents on which to test it.
Thubyrgeim: And when you feel you can command Carbuncle as easily as you might move your own limbs, return to me for further instruction. I will be waiting.