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Use this for inline links to quests in text.



Parameter 1. Mandatory. Type of quest. Valid values include:
  • mainscenario: Main Scenario QuestMain scenario quests
  • main: Main Scenario QuestAlias of mainscenario
  • side: Side QuestSide quests
  • daily: Daily QuestDaily quests, mainly used for beast tribes
  • repeatable: Repeatable QuestRepeatable quests, not necessarily daily, but uses the same icon. Tooltip is different.
  • feature: Feature QuestFeature quests
  • repeatablefeature: Repeatable Feature QuestRepeatable feature quests, mainly used for quests related to relic weapons.
  • repfeature: Repeatable Feature QuestAlias of repeatablefeature
  • levequest: LevequestLevequests
  • fate: FATEFATEs, Full Active Time Events (Generic)
  • fate-enemies: FATE: Slay EnemiesFATE: Slay multiple enemies to fill the bar and complete the FATE.
  • fate-boss: FATE: Kill BossFATE: Kill a boss to complete the FATE.
  • fate-escort: FATE: EscortFATE: Escort an NPC to a given location to complete the FATE.
  • fate-defense: FATE: DefenseFATE: Defend critical NPCs or resources from enemies to complete the FATE.
  • fate-collect: FATE: Collect ItemsFATE: Collect items and turn them in to complete the FATE.
  • fate-path: FATE: PathFATE: Path
  • gate: GATEGATEs, Gold Saucer Active Time Events
  • eureka-nm: Eureka: Notorious MonsterNotorious Monster FATEs in Eureka
  • other: Other QuestOther quests. For quests and functions that don't fit any of the normal categories. Used for chocobo porters, Eureka quests, Bozja resistance rank increases, etc.
Parameter 2. Mandatory. Name of the quest.
Parameter 3. Optional. Will make the quest icon larger. If using it in a section header, set to true. (Set to large instead if using unnamed parameters by order.)

You can specify parameters by name, or you can use unnamed parameters by order to make the code shorter and more convenient, but you cannot mix and match the two. For example, {{questlink|type=main|name=It's Probably Pirates}} and {{questlink|main|It's Probably Pirates}} will both work, but {{questlink|type=main|It's Probably Pirates}} will not.


{{questlink|type=main|name=It's Probably Pirates}}
{{questlink|main|It's Probably Pirates}}

This: Main Scenario QuestIt's Probably Pirates is an example of an inline quest link using named parameters, and this: Main Scenario QuestIt's Probably Pirates uses unnamed parameters by order.

{{questlink|type=side|name=Out to Dry}}
{{questlink|side|Out to Dry}}

Side QuestOut to Dry

{{questlink|type=daily|name=A Nutty Initiation}}
{{questlink|daily|A Nutty Initiation}}

Daily QuestA Nutty Initiation

{{questlink|type=repeatable|name=Resistance is (Not) Futile}}
{{questlink|repeatable|Resistance is (Not) Futile}}

Repeatable QuestResistance is (Not) Futile

{{questlink|type=feature|name=And We Shall Call it Eureka}}
{{questlink|feature|And We Shall Call it Eureka}}

Feature QuestAnd We Shall Call it Eureka

{{questlink|type=repfeature|name=Resistance is (Not) Futile}}
{{questlink|repfeature|Resistance is (Not) Futile}}

Repeatable Feature QuestResistance is (Not) Futile

{{questlink|type=levequest|name=A Feast in the Forest}}
{{questlink|levequest|A Feast in the Forest}}

LevequestA Feast in the Forest

{{questlink|type=fate-enemies|name=Supper Time}}
{{questlink|fate-enemies|Supper Time}}

FATE: Slay EnemiesSupper Time

{{questlink|type=fate-boss|name=Behold Now Behemoth}}
{{questlink|fate-boss|Behold Now Behemoth}}

FATE: Kill BossBehold Now Behemoth

{{questlink|type=fate-escort|name=The Ceruleum Road}}
{{questlink|fate-escort|The Ceruleum Road}}

FATE: EscortThe Ceruleum Road

{{questlink|type=fate-defense|name=The End of the Sentry}}
{{questlink|fate-defense|The End of the Sentry}}

FATE: DefenseThe End of the Sentry

{{questlink|type=fate-collect|name=Treasure Island}}
{{questlink|fate-collect|Treasure Island}}

FATE: Collect ItemsTreasure Island

{{questlink|type=fate-path|name=The Magitek Is Back}}
{{questlink|fate-path|The Magitek Is Back}}

FATE: PathThe Magitek Is Back

{{questlink|type=gate|name=Air Force One}}
{{questlink|gate|Air Force One}}

GATEAir Force One

{{questlink|type=eureka-nm|name=Wail in the Willows}}
{{questlink|eureka-nm|Wail in the Willows}}

Eureka: Notorious MonsterWail in the Willows

{{questlink|type=other|name=Forged Anew}}
{{questlink|other|Forged Anew}}

Other QuestForged Anew

Example in header: Main Scenario QuestIt's Probably Pirates

{{questlink|type=main|name=It's Probably Pirates|large=true}}
{{questlink|main|It's Probably Pirates|large}}

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