The Ceruleum Road

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The Ceruleum Road
Type Escort
Location Northern Thanalan - Bluefog (x21,y29)
Level 49
Duration  ?m
Starting NPC Wary Merchant
Friendly NPC Wary Merchant
Enemies Quartz Doblyn, Grenade, Ahriman
Description A frugal merchant bound for the Ceruleum Processing Plant to discuss business war abandoned by the two bodyguards he hired in Ul'dah after refusing to give in to their demands for more coin. Now, but a few malms from the plant, he finds himself helpless, and seeks to employ an adventurer to accompany him for the remainer of his journey.
Rewards  ??
Experience 21,315
Gil 98
Company Seals 281
The Ceruleum Road is a level 49 Escort FATE in Northern Thanalan - Bluefog (x21,y29).

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