Treasure Island

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Treasure Island
Type Collect Items
Location The Ruby Sea - The Isle of Zekki (x7.7,y30.4)
Level 63
Duration  ?m
Starting NPC Blue Avenger
Delivery NPC Blue Avenger
Items Needed Blue Treasure
Enemies Red Hyoe, Red Honkan
Description Several curiosities have been stolen from altars tended to by the Blue Kojin. The perpetrators-unsurprisingly a band of Red Kojin-still lurk nearby, and the Blues are seeking help in locating the thieves and taking back what is rightfully theirs...using any means necessary.
Experience 86,265
Gil 126
Company Seals 362
Treasure Island is a level 63 Collect Items FATE in The Ruby Sea - The Isle of Zekki (x7.7,y30.4).

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