And We Shall Call it Eureka

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And We Shall Call it Eureka

And We Shall Call It Eureka Image.png
Quest giver
Rhalgr's Reach (X:9.8, Y:12.5)
Quest line
The Forbidden Land, Eureka

Required quest
Stormblood (Quest)
Experience 0
Gil 2,000

Galiena is reasonably sure you are the adventurer she is looking for.

— In-game description

And We Shall Call it Eureka is a level 70 quest and the beginning of the Eureka questline.




  • In Rhalgr's Reach you are approached by Galiena, who has been instructed by “Aunt Rowena” to request your assistance with the exploration of a recently discovered island. The island in question is apparently somewhere in the Far East, and if you are interested in learning more, you will have no choice but to journey once more to distant Kugane and speak with Kotokaze, the esteemed proprietress of the Shiokaze Hostelry.
  • After being shown to a private table, you are joined by Krile, as well as Rowena and Hancock, who have recently become partners after a fashion. The pair explain that they have joined forces in an effort to develop the aforementioned island, which could serve as a new port of call for trading vessels seeking to circumvent the high tariffs of Kugane. Alas, this will not be a simple endeavor, as the previous expedition met with failure at the hands -- rather, the claws and teeth -- of the innumerable savage beasts that inhabit the island. Warriors of consummate skill are needed, and you stand above all others in their minds. Krile, for her part, has a personal stake in the expedition, though she begs leave to say no more unless her suspicions regarding the island prove true.
  • Duly advised to go on ahead to the waiting expedition vessel, you come upon Gerolt Blackthorn, by all accounts the finest weaponsmith in all of Eorzea -- and an accomplished drunkard besides -- locked in a bitter dispute with a belligerent scholar who you soon learn is Ejika Tsunjika of the Students of Baldesion. A contemporary of Krile, he demands to take part in the expedition, having learned of Krile's interest in the island. Krile consents, and Ejika boards without further comment -- for the time being. All that remains is to journey to the mysterious island dubbed “Eureka” and see what mysteries await...