Air Force One

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Air Force One is a GATE in Gold Saucer. Air Force One is a shooter ride wherein players board the Air Force and attempt to shoot as many targets as possible while riding along a preset course.

Upon reaching the end, players will receive MGP commensurate with their rank and score.

How to Participate

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Speak with Sabotender Guia in the Gold Saucer (X:4.9 Y:4.8) at the scheduled time to register.

  • You cannot register while in a party.


Rank Score MGP
Perfect 5,000 4,000
S 4,000~4,999 3,000
A 1,500~3,999 1,500
B 500~1,499 500
C 0~499 100

Although shooting Ruby Bombs will lower your score, it cannot go below 0.


Ready. Aim. Fire! Strap into the Air Force and shoot the cactuar targets to rack up a high score for a handsome MGP reward.

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