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A Tearful Reunion

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A Tearful Reunion

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Quest giver
Amh Araeng (X:25.8, Y:16.4)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Role Quests
Magic Ranged DPS role.png Magical Ranged DPS
Experience 448,800
Gil 523
Previous quest
Feature QuestTaynor's Training Day
Next quest
Side QuestA Home for a Tome
Side QuestTo Be Second Best
Side QuestSuccession of Steel
Side QuestShadow Walk with Me

Cerigg worries for Taynor, who has been acting strangely of late.

— In-game description







  • Cerigg worries for Taynor, who has been acting strangely of late.
  • Though Taynor remains singularly focused on the confrontation ahead, Cerigg is concerned that the boy may be suppressing his true emotions. The bounty hunter asks you to have a talk with your young companion─one mage to another─that you might help him work through any lingering anxiety or fears.
  • You speak to Taynor, who confesses that he harbors a deep-seated fear that he might falter in battle, condemning you and Cerigg to a grim fate in the void. Through your heartening words, the child is able to realize that the burden is not his to shoulder alone, and thus regain a measure of confidence. Together, you decide to return to Cerigg and inform the bounty hunter that all are now ready to face the final confrontation.
  • You and Taynor reconvene with Cerigg, and all present reaffirm that the time has come to take on Phronesis once and for all. From here, you and your companions decide to make for the Central Hills of Amber in Amh Araeng, where Taynor will work his magicks to summon your foe to battle.
  • Though the battle was a harrowing one, you and your companions have emerged victorious─Phronesis will terrorize the people of Amh Araeng no more. Bear witness to the sin eater's final moments, and pray that the soul of Taynor's old friend will find peace.
  • In the sin eater's last moments, Nyelbert's memories manifest themselves, revealing how the archmage continued to search for a way to bring his friend back from beyond the rift until the very end of his days. Taynor looks on in tears as his old friend laments his failure, and offers words of comfort in the vain hope of freeing him from his torment. Whether the result of the words reaching him or by sheer coincidence, the sin eater's form dissipates into innumerable motes of light, and is no more. Speak to Taynor, and lend your support to the boy in what is undoubtedly an emotionally trying moment for him.
  • Though it is unlikely that Taynor's heartfelt words truly reached his old friend, the experience nevertheless has allowed the boy to come to terms with his past, and with his own heretofore-conflicted feelings. Weary from battle, you and your two companions decide to return to Mord Souq to recuperate and reflect upon the experience you've shared.
  • Back at Mord Souq, Taynor expresses his gratitude for all that you and Cerigg have done for him, explaining that your adventures together have given him the confidence he needs to strike out on his own. Cerigg responds by inviting the boy to become his partner, and continue their adventure together, an offer which Taynor eagerly accepts. Your two companions invite you to join them at the Crystarium for a final farewell before you go your separate ways.
  • Back at the Crystarium, Cerigg and Taynor once more express their gratitude for all you have done for them. Cerigg vows to take good care of the boy, to show him the world and help him grow into his new life as a bounty hunter. Accepting your share of the reward for felling Phronesis, you wish your friends the best and strike off on your own, hoping deep down that your paths will cross again someday.