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An Axle to Grind

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An Axle to Grind

Quest giver
Amh Araeng (X:11.3, Y:17.5)

Experience ?????
"?????" is not a number.
Gil 1,014
Previous quest
Semi Auto-malik
The Rutabite at the End of the Tunnel

Horthur wishes to put your knowledge and experience to good use.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Horthur wishes to put your knowledge and experience to good use.
  • According to Horthur, the work to open up the collapsed tunnel of the Dragging Tail is proceeding apace under the leadership of Kee-Satt. However, it appears that the young miner is experiencing difficulties of some description, and Horthur asks that you inquire as to what they might be.
  • With the work at the Dragging Tail being left to the other miners, Kee-Satt is able to concentrate on the task of using the rutabite they have discovered to produce the alloy Nabaathium. It was only when he attempted to replicate the process detailed on the ancient scroll that he realized one particular vital piece of information was written in a cryptic fashion, perhaps deliberately, to prevent outsiders from learning the secrets of the Nabaath. Kee-Satt decides to seek out large pieces of genuine Nabaathium to compare with the ingots that he produced during the course of his experiments. You suggest visiting Mord Souq to seek the assistance of Ghun Gun, who has a keen interest in ancient history.
  • You find Kee-Satt near one of the less frequently used entrances to Mord Souq. As Ghun Gun is wont to travel far and wide in search of artifacts, you decide to ask his father Ghen Gen where he may be found.
  • Ghen Gen is pleased to make Kee-Satt's acquaintance and is excited to hear of his plans to produce Nabaathium. He implies that although you have come to seek the aid of Ghun Gun, you may in turn be able to help his son in some way. Opting to hear what this entails straight from the proverbial horse's mouth, you and Kee-Satt make your way towards the northern windmill where the young Mord is discussing ancient history with his mentor, Jamial.
  • Ghun Gun and Jamial both give you a warm welcome and extend the hand of friendship to Kee-Satt, who they quickly come to view as a kindred spirit. After hearing of his dream of reproducing Nabaathium, Ghun Gun explains that the windmill's axle is in fact made from the very same metal, and after having been in use for over a hundred years, is in dire need of replacement. In exchange for their assistance in researching the alloy, Kee-Satt agrees to provide a new axle once his methods have been perfected. After a closer observation, he comes to the conclusion that the amounts of each ingredient listed on his scroll were most likely false, with the correct information being passed on verbally. Although he has no such source at his disposal, Kee-Satt now has an authentic piece of Nabaathium to use as a point of reference. He resolves to go return to his process of trial and error, confident that it is only a matter of time before he is able to replicate the alloy. The three thank you for uniting them under a common cause, and you prepare to return to Twine to report the good news to Horthur.
  • Horthur is glad to hear that Kee-Satt has taken another step towards realizing his dream. He has high hopes for the lad and believes that when his name is inscribed in the pages of history, yours will be right there beside it.



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