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Facing the Truth

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Facing the Truth

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Quest giver
Lakeland (X:34.0, Y:8.5)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 1,165
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestSeeking Counsel
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestA Sleep Disturbed

Main Scenario Progress: 661 / 853 (77.5%)


Shadowbringers Progress: 120 / 157 (76.4%)


Her mind at ease, Lyna is ready to return to her duties.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • Her mind at ease, Lyna is ready to return to her duties.
  • Lyna thanks you for a candid discussion of her concerns for the Crystal Exarch. She then bids you return to the Crystarium, where the Scions are no doubt anxious for your return.
  • With the threat of an Eighth Umbral Calamity averted, and Lord Vauthry's reign at an end, the people of Norvrandt now strive to build a new future for themselves. To that end, some have begun to seek truth in the past: they wish to understand the Flood which nearly consumed their world, as well as the role the Warriors of Light played in bringing it about. Alphinaud believes that the Scions should aid the people in this endeavor and divulge what they know to those willing to listen. He asks you and the others to fan out and invite the people of the Crystarium to the Exedra, after which you will then give them an accurate account of what happened all those years ago.
  • You and the Scions cover near every ilm of the Crystarium, and have garnered the curiosity of no few residents. All that remains is to await their arrival at the Exedra.
  • You expound the deeds of the Warriors of Light and the events leading up to the Flood, careful not to overlook even the smallest detail. The people of the Crystarium are moved by your words, and as you look out over the crowd, you spy a frighteningly familiar face... Ardbert. Soon finding himself the center of attention, he proclaims it was the will of the star that brought him back from the beyond, and that his purpose now is to guide the people of Norvrandt to become Warriors of Light themselves. But while the crowd hangs on his every word, the Scions stand apart, unconvinced. Rather than confront him openly, Urianger suggests you retire to the Ocular.
  • Considering the events leading to Emet-Selch's demise, there is no question you have been faced with an imposter. The Scions conclude that it must be an Ascian ploy, and to your knowledge only Elidibus remains to employ such a tactic. But to what end would he encourage the birth of new Warriors of Light?


Accepting the quest from Lyna

Lyna: I will not keep you. You and your comrades have much to discuss. I will see the others back to their posts. 

Speaking with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: The others were quite shocked to hear of what we found in Lakeland. But now that you're here, there is a proposal I should like to make. I have been spending a great deal of time in the Cabinet of Curiosity, and of late I have noted more and more people perusing books on history- the years leading up to the Flood in particular. I suspect they wish to know more about the Warriors of Light- as well they should- but nearly everything I've come across describes them as sin eaters or worse. Regardless of whether or not this "Warrior of Light" is who they claim to be, I worry that their sudden appearance, in conjunction with this renewed interest in their predecessors, may lead to growing unrest and fear. If the people of the Crystarium seek the truth, I say we give it to them. 
Urianger: I too can attest to the falsehoods found within full many of the Cabinet's tomes, with nary a mention of the noble deeds of Ardbert and his comrades. 
Y'shtola: To be fair, they bear some responsibility for the Flood. But when the tale is told again and again over the course of a century, I am not surprised to see their roles distorted and them painted as villains. 
Crystal Exarch: Were it not for the records stored within the Crystal Tower, I would have had no reason to question the narrative. Unfortunately, that knowledge was of no use, for when I arrived here in the First, their reputation had already been irreparably tarnished. That said, there still remained those who worked tirelessly to defend their good name in those early days following the Flood. 
Beq Lugg: Considering all the good they had done, I find it a wonder they needed defending at all. They brought to justice the man who misused my knowledge to bring about the fall of Voeburt. That such heroes could be spoken of in the same breath as sin eaters is absurd. 
Crystal Exarch: Under normal circumstances I would agree, but as time passed, those who knew firsthand of their deeds dwindled. In the end, only one truth remained- that they were the cause of the Flood. With the world on the brink of oblivion, it was all too easy for the Warriors of Light to become villains deserving only of resentment and hate. 
Y'shtola: At that point, the truth mattered little. It would not change their lot. 
Crystal Exarch: Thanks to all of you, however, their lot has changed, and now they may heed the long-forgotten truth. You claimed it was Ardbert who helped you overcome Emet-Selch, correct? Such a revelation would do well to sway the hearts of those who know him only as a villain. I have shared this with a select few, but one and all must be told of his sacrifice. To that end I say we proceed with Alphinaud's plan. We call together the people of the crystarium and recount to them the true tale of the Warriors of Light and the Flood that followed in their wake.
Alphinaud: Well? What say you, [Forename]? 
(Warrior of Light dialogue options)
Option 1. Spread the word, I say! 
Option 2. I wish we had done this sooner. 
(option 2 chosen) 
Alphinaud: In hindsight, I agree. But better late than never, no? Exarch, might I ask you to continue working with Beq Lugg on our means of returning home? The rest of us will see to gathering the people of the Crystarium in the Exedra. We have to reach out to anyone and everyone who might be willing to lend an ear. With any luck, word will spread and more will accompany them. 

Speaking with the people of the crystarium

Speaking with Chessamile
Chessamile: Grayson! My, what a wonderful surprise. Though I hope your being here doesn't mean someone's been hurt. Thanks to you I've had fewer patients coming through my door of late. Which is a shame, come to think of it- I've had fewer opportunities to test my new medicines. Hee hee, I jest of course! It's actually been quite pleasant to have a few moments to myself now and again. The truth about the Warriors of Light? But the Exarch has already spoken with me about them. Well, if there's more to the tale, I'd very much like to hear it. 
Speaking with Katliss
Katliss: Well, Well, what a coincidence! I was just reading over a letter I received from Grenoldt not long ago. He says a visitor from the Crystarium found him at the bottom of the ocean, and that he inspired him to reach new artistic heights. Well, I can only think of one person capable of both feats- though I'd say the latter is far more impressive. To think fate could bring the two of you together in such a place... I'm sorry? You mean the Exarch didn't tell us the whole story of the Warriors of Light? Well, whatever he's left unsaid, I'm all ears. 
Speaking with Moren
Moren: No, this can't be... Surely there is at least one book here that does not cast the Warriors of Light and their deeds in such a negative light... Oh, [Forename]! Forgive me. The Cabinet of Curiosity has been bustling with visitors of late, but I fear our repository lacks for the knowledge they seek. The people wish to know the truth of the Flood. Of the Warriors of Light. I have searched high and low, but alas... Every account portrays them as no better than sin eaters- abominations worthy only of scorn and resentment. I know they were not always judged so harshly, yet I can find no proof. And I dare call myself a librarian... You would address the people and tell them the truth of the Warriors of Light? Of the Flood? How wonderful! You have regaled me with the tale once before, but I should love to hear it again. Oh, and you may be assured I will not come alone.
Speaking with Glynard
Glynard: Well, well. To what do I owe the pleasure? Whatever it is, I must ask you to be brief- with the night returned, visitors have been flocking to the Crystarium, and I find myself too busy by half. I don't mind it though, Seeing the Stairs so full of life and excitement, one can almost forget the Flood ever happened. The truth about the Warriors of Light? But you already told me all there is to know... didn't you? Well, if there's more to their story, I'd love to hear it. Maybe then I can compete with Cyella in regaling patrons with stories of their heroism. Perhaps I'll even inspire a few aspiring adventurers. 
Speaking with Bragi
Bragi: Come to browse wares in the market, have you? Well, I can guarantee you'll have no trouble finding what you need, whatever it may be. Under Eulmores new leadership, trade has never been more prosperous. Word is that fellow from the Daedalus Stoneworks has taken over as mayor. Did he really? Little wonder business is booming the way it is. I imagine it won't be long before all of Norvrandt reaps the benefits... But you've not come to talk about the market. Something on your mind? I see. The exarch did mention they had something to do with your returning the night to Norvrandt. All right, consider my interest piqued. 

ending the quest by speaking to Alphinaud

Alphinaud: There you are. Between the four of us, I daresay we've swept the Crystarium from top to bottom. Now we need but wait for the people to gather. 
(scene transitions to full cutscene with citizens gathered in the Exedra)
Alphinaud: Yes, this looks to be nearly everyone. Let us begin, shall we? Though I am usually the first to hold forth at such events, I think, on this occasion, that honor should fall to you. 
Y'shtola: They would be more inclined to take the word of the Warrior of Darkness 
Urianger: Indeed. In light of the subject matter, who better than thee to speak these truths? 
(Warrior of Light/player character steps foward and explains everything to the crowd. flashbacks to Ardbert and his comrades are interspersed) 
Theyler: Wicked white... The Warriors of Light did all that?
Gallant Guardsman: So they never- I mean, they only ever wanted to help? And when everything they'd done turned to ash, they still carried on...
Theyler: They gave everything to stop the Flood... First their lives, then their souls... And they managed it, too- in the end. They saved us. and we cursed their names. 
Alphinaud: This should go a long way towards clearing the air. 
(Warrior of Light looks around to see Ardbert in the crowd, the other scions soon spot him too) 
Alphinaud: Impossible...! 
(Warrior of Light dialogue options)
Option 1: You can see him too? 
Option 2: I take it I'm not imagining this, then?
(Option 2 chosen)
Alphinaud: I definitely see something. You don't think it's a ghost, do you?
Urianger: Nay. Yonder standeth no bloodless apparition, but a Warrior of Light and Darkness both. Ardbert. 
Y'shtola: What in the world...? 
(citizens start to notice him now)
Gallant Guardsman: It's you! The one who slew the eater...
Ardbert: That it should be the Warrior of Darkness who brought the truth to light... You've saved me a fair bit of time- though I have a few words of my own to say, if I may. People of the Crystarium! I am Ardbert, one of those you know as a Warrior of Light. 
Theyler: That's impossible! You should be dead...
Ardbert: Aye, that I should. But as the world has been given new life, so too have I. I know not why I, and I alone, have been given this chance. But I do know this: only by the will of the star itself could such a miracle come to pass. The hero who stands before you now- The Warrior of Darkness- is not of this world. And the day will come when they must return to their home. But this land is our home. And if it is to remain so, now and forevermore, it is we who must protect it. The time to rely on saviors from afar has passed. It is you who must rise. You who must become the new Warriors of Light! 
Gallant Guardsman: Wha- Us? Warriors of Light?
Ardbert: None of us were born heroes, my friend. I was only ever a man with a thirst for adventure. But where my journeys took me, I was invariably confronted with the same choice: to lend what aid I could to those in need- or not. And I always chose the former. Any one of you could do the same. All you need is the will to help your fellow man, and the resolve to see it through. 
Urianger (WoL/player): From thine own lips did we learn of Ardbert's fate, and by thy countenance, I gather thou art not inclined to recant thy testimony. Yet whosoever this man may be, his words hold truth- and resonate with the citizenry besides. For us to voice our doubts here and now would serve but to sow disquiet. 'Twere better we retired unto the Ocular, and there discussed this matter in private. 
Alphinaud: Go. I will stay here and watch. 
(The Scions excluding Alphinaud leave, and the scene changes to the Ocular interior) 
Crystal Exarch: So that is a Warrior of Light of the First. I have not had the pleasure of making his acquaintance, but as you all seem to be in agreement, I gather this is no simple case of mistaken identity. 
Beq Lugg: As far as I was able to discern, that was indeed Ardbert. It has been a long time, but not that long. Could he truly have been resurrected as he claims?
(Warrior of Light dialogue options) 
Option 1: Absolutely not. 
Option 2: It looks like him and sounds like him. But it isn't him. 
(Option 1 chosen)
Urianger: Ardbert did entrust his very soul unto thee. I see no reason to question thy judgment. 
Y'shtola: Nor I. To my eyes, your aether burns as brightly as the day you slew Emet-Selch. That is proof that he is with you still. 
Urianger: Yet that which standeth now before the people is far more than a passing imitation. I am reminded of the Cardinal Virtues... though a sin eater he is not. Which leaveth but one plausible explanation. 
Y'shtola: That he is an Ascian.
Crystal Exarch: Given their fondness for posthumous dispossession, I would have to agree. From what I understand, the Warriors of Light were laid to rest in Eulmore by those whom they had aided in life. At the time, some few still remembered them as heroes. Needless to say, four of them were subsequently exhumed to serve as the Virtues. And if one knew where to look, Ardbert too would not have been difficult to find. 
Y'shtola: Assuming then that this is indeed the work of an Ascian, my mind inevitably turns to the last remaining Paragon to survive the sundering...
Urianger: Elidibus. That Zenos hath reclaimed his own flesh is known. Thus evicted from his borrowed form... and cognizant, no doubt, of Emet-Selch's failure here in the First... 'Tis quite possible the emissary chose Ardbert for his next vessel. 
Beq Lugg: Inhabiting the flesh of the fallen... My, that is unsavory. And they do this often, you say? 
Urianger: Verily, for they possess no corporeal forms of their own. In what one may term their natural state, none save those gifted with the Echo can perceive them. 
(Flashback to 2.1 when Elidibus first visited Minfilia) 
Urianger: Indeed, when Elidibus intruded upon the Waking Sands, his presence did go unmarked by all save Minfilia and the Warrior of Light. On that occasion, I myself remained ignorant of his coming until after his departure. 'Twas only at a later juncture, when he deigned to appear before me in borrowed flesh that I was finally able to take the measure of him. In such puppetry do the Ascians engage when they seek to influence the course of history.
Y'shtola: And they have gained much by it. Emet-Selch single-handedly built the Garlean Empire in this manner, while Lahabrea came close to conquering Eorzea having taken possession of Thancred's living body. 
Urianger: Yet it must needs be noted that the Ascians cannot avail themselves of all mortal vessels. For were they able to do so, none would serve as a better pawn than our own redoubtable champion. Mayhap the blessing of light shieldeth Hydaelyn's chosen from Ascian influence. Or mayhap other forces are at work. We cannot say for certain. 
Crystal Exarch: Whatever the reason, I hope it holds true. I dare not contemplate what might come to pass otherwise. 
Y'shtola: Is it not peculiar, then, that Ardbert's mortal remains should be susceptible, given that he was once a Warrior of Light? Or did the final departure of his soul make it possible, perhaps? Regardless, to hear an Ascian use him to call forth new Warriors of Light boggles the mind. 
Urianger: Elidibus hath ever been an enigma, his ostensible purpose being to preserve the balance between Light and Dark. When he made overtures towards me, however, I was afforded a glimpse behind the mask of the self-appointed emissary. 
(flashback to the 3.x patches showing Urianger conspiring with Elidibus and Ardbert)
Urianger: I shall not defend mine actions, undertake in pursuit of a better understanding of our foe, as either wise or prudent. Nevertheless, what little I did glean may now prove useful. Elidibus possesseth a subtle mind, practiced in the art of manipulation. That he coaxed this star's most valiant heroes as far as the Source with naught save half-truths is no trifling feat. And now, I believe, he doth employ his skills once more to some as-yet-unknown end. Though naught is certain, should my suspicions prove true, we shall have need of all our wits if we are to uncover- and thereafter thwart- his plot.
Crystal Exarch: Agreed. 'Tis plain that simply speaking out against him will not avail us. At best, it would only serve to confuse the people. And I would hesitate to do anything which might tarnish Ardbert's reputation once more, nor yours by assocation. That being the case, it may be wise to keep a covert eye on this "Ardbert's" movements as we attempt to discern his purpose and how best to mitigate his influence. 
Beq Lugg: His performance appears to have concluded. What now- go back out and follow him?
Urianger: 'Twould appear Master Alphinaud already hath pursuit in mind, and I suspect one pair of eyes shall better suit our cause than half a dozen. Let the rest of us maintain an inconspicuous distance- for the present, at least.