Lominsan Anchovy

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Lominsan Anchovy

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Culinarian frame icon.png 5
7 Gil
Gil 1

These small saltwater fish form massive schools resembling colossal sea creatures to discourage predators from approaching.

[Suitable for printing on small canvases.]

— In-game description

Basic Information

Description For many generations, Lominsan anchovies were not actively caught, due to their insignificant size. However, after a Qiqirn deckhand discovered one rotting in the corner of the bilge hold on a fishing vessel and found it to be sublime, the demand for salt-cured Lominsan anchovies has risen dramatically.



Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Allagan Resupply Node Player Housing (6.2, 6.2) Gil 7
Ananta Material Supplier Player Housing (6.2, 6.2) Gil 7
Holasfhis Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (10.4, 13.7) Gil 7
Kojin Material Supplier Player Housing (6.2, 6.2) Gil 7
Loporrit Material Supplier Player Housing (6.2, 6.2) Gil 7
Material Supplier Player Housing (6.2, 6.2) Gil 7
Namazu Material Supplier Player Housing (6.2, 6.2) Gil 7

Fishing Log: Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (Fish Guide Prime Location)

Other Fishing Locations

La Noscea: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks

La Noscea: Middle La Noscea

La Noscea: Lower La Noscea

La Noscea: Western La Noscea

Thanalan: Western Thanalan

Used For

See also: Small Angler's Canvas

Lominsan Anchovy print.png

Crafting Ingredient

Item Rarity Class Level Ingredients
Fishmeal icon1.png  Fish Meal (x12) ABasic Culinarian frame icon.png CUL 5


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
My First Fishing Rod Class quest 1 Sisipu
Adventurers' Relish Levequest quest 1 Wyrkholsk
Thanks For Your Support Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle


Class: Culinarian (3.00)

Potential Results: