My First Fishing Rod

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My First Fishing Rod

Way of the Fisher.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7, Y:14)
Required items
5 Lominsan anchovy icon1.png  Lominsan Anchovy
Experience 300
Gil 115
Previous quest
Feature QuestWay of the Fisher
Next quest
Feature QuestBigger Fish to Fry
Feature QuestAll the Fish in the Sea

Your first task as an official member of the Fishermen's Guild is to equip your rod and speak to Sisipu.

— In-game description



Even though the NPC says you can't buy the fish, the game can never tell where you get your fish from. NPC vendor or Market Board is fine. That said, some later fish are UNTRADABLE, so you must catch those yourself.

Holasfhis on the Upper Decks has them for sale, or you can catch them out of either the Upper or Lower Decks fishing holes using the Lugworm icon1.png  Lugworms from the previous quest.


  • Deliver 5 Lominsan anchovies to Sisipu.


  • Your first task as an official member of the Fishermen's Guild is to equip your rod and speak to Sisipu.
  • Sisipu sends you to catch five anchovies, which can be caught in any of Limsa Lominsa's waters using lugworms as bait.
  • Sisipu acknowledges your mastery of fishing fundamentals on the delivery of the five anchovies.
  • The next fisher quest will be available from Sisipu upon reaching level 5.


Accepting the Quest

Sisipu: You're looking quite formidable. Let's hope you don't scare all the fish away.
Sisipu: Now, the first rule of fishing is to hold on to your rod: take care of your rod, and your rod will take care of you. Let me know if I'm going too fast for you.
Sisipu: Since you're new here, we're going to start small, and they don't come much smaller than anchovies.
Sisipu: You'll find schools of anchovies swimming around outside in Galadion Bay, so you can catch your meager supper without even walking ten yalms.
Sisipu: Anchovies are hardly the most cunning fish in the sea, making them an ideal first assignment. Simply bait a hook with some of those lugworms I gave you, dip it in the water, and the fish will practically catch themselves.

Delivering Lominsan Anchovies to Sisipu (Cutscene)

Sisipu: Anchovies swim off every shore of Limsa Lominsa, so you can bring them back from anywhere you long as it's not the fishmongers'.
<Hand Over Lominsan Anchovy>

Cutscene start

???: Here 'chovy, 'chovy! Here 'chovy, 'chovy! Fair flock of feisty fish you've got, giddy guppy! Careful they don't slip out of sight!
Sisipu: W-Wawalago!? To what do we owe the...pleasure?
Wawalago: A guildmaster's got to get after the guppies—dividing up the daily drudgery, picking out a proper potable, and some such support and service.
Sisipu: And who gets after the guildmaster? We have books to balance, you know—books you should be balancing!
Wawalago: I did my best to balance the books, but the blige keel bent the bow back, bouncing the whole batch off the boat!
Sisipu: That's not what— You know it was just an expression!
Sisipu: <sigh> But that's neither here nor there. So long as you keep at the bit, [Forename], our books will balance themselves.
Sisipu: Don't let that go to your head, of course. Any beginner can snag some anchovies, but you'll need to experiment with different lures and explore new waters if you want to catch the big ones.
Wawalago: Fundamentals are fine, but the fun is fishing for new finds. Like my uncle always said, "Fishing's like philanderin'—ye never know what ye'll catch!"
Sisipu: ...And with those well-spoken words of wisdom, we will leave you to your wiles.