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Promises Kept

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Promises Kept

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Quest giver
House Fortemps Knight
The Pillars (X:11, Y:11)
Quest line
Post-Dragonsong Main Scenario Quests
Experience 5,000
Gil 908
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestLitany of Peace
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestShadows of the First

Main Scenario Progress: 361 / 853 (42.3%)


Heavensward Progress: 120 / 138 (87%)


A new day dawns in Ishgard, and the House Fortemps knight has tidings for you.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • Now that the excitement of recent days has given way to some semblance of new normality, Ser Aymeric de Borel, fresh from his appointment as lord speaker of the House of Lords, has extended to you a formal invitation to dine with him at his estate. It would seem that your long-overdue drink with the lord commander is at last at hand -- should you so desire.
  • The evening at Borel Manor surpasses all expectation. In between several courses of the finest cuisine you have ever tasted, you and Ser Aymeric discuss subjects great and small. The conversation flows as smoothly as the wine, and for the first time in ages, you feel at peace. Yet all good things must come to an end, and this respite is no exception, for when a House Fortemps herald suddenly arrives and declares that Thancred has returned with an injured maiden who may not live through the night, you know what you must do.
  • The maiden is revealed to be none other than Alisaie, Alphinaud's twin sister, who had long ago decided to part ways with her brother. Thancred explains that after tracking the Warriors of Darkness for some time, he discovered that she too had attempted to learn more of the enigmatic adventurers. Alas, her efforts were rather less subtle than his, and Thancred was forced to spirit her away to Ishgard. Struck by a poisoned arrow as they fled, Alisaie now teeters on the brink of death, but before being passed into the care of the chirurgeons, she musters the strength to warn you of Garuda's imminent summoning in Xelphatol -- and of the primal's planned death at the hands of the Warriors of Darkness.
  • Realizing that he can do naught else for his sister, Alphinaud places his faith in Captain Whitecape and bids you join him in addressing a matter whose conclusion you may yet influence. The Warriors of Darkness are conspiring with the Ascians to goad the Ixal into summoning their patron deity, and only you have the power to stop them.


Speak with House Fortemps Knight

House Fortemps Knight: (Lord/Mistress) [Forename],(Lord/Mistress) [Forename]! You are come at a most excellent time. An invitation from a truly preeminent personage was delivered to the manor but a short while ago. Would that you had been present to receive it, but in any event...Ser Aymeric de Borel, lord speaker of the House of Lords, lord commander of the Temple Knights, and viscount of House Borel, cordially invites (Lord/Mistress) [Forename] to dine with him at his estate. You seem surprised. The messenger assured me that his lord had broached the subject with you at an earlier date - when the arrangements for the peace conference were still being finalized... Of course, the intervening moons afforded little opportunity for leisure. But with the happy advent of peace, 'tis plain the lord commander sees no further cause to delay. What say you? 
Warrior of Light: (I should be glad to accept! / I would, but I haven't the foggiest what to wear. Any thoughts? / To be honest, I'd rather not...) -> I would, but I haven't the foggiest what to wear. Any thoughts? 
House Fortemps Knight: Y-You would ask me!? Well, I...I am sure that as a personal friend of Ser Aymeric, you are at liberty to wear whatever you deem appropriate. That said... "When in doubt, a man of note could do far worse than an alpine coat!" ...At least, that is what Lord Emmanellain has been heard to say. I-I assume that the same holds true for ladies. Ahem. When you are ready, pray report to the Astrologicum. A man of House Borel shall be waiting near there to escort you the rest of the way.

Speak with the House Borel steward

House Borel Steward: Greetings and well met, (lord/mistress) [Forename]. I have hte honor and the privilege to serve as head steward of House Borel - though, admittedly, our staff is somewhat smaller than those of other noble families...being countable on one hand. Ahem! My lord will be overjoyed to hear that you have accepted his invitation. As you will soon see, we have spared no expense. I daresay a (man/woman) of action such as yourself enjoys nary a moment's respite. Aye, the battlefield beckons even now, I am sure, but for this day, we bid you lay down your burdens and raise a glass to peace and prosperity. 
Aymeric: To think the moogles would prove such harsh taskmasters! Forgive me, I did not know you had suffered so in your quest for the horn. (dialogue and eating/dining continues). I must say, your spirited accounts always come as a welcome change from the arid reports which fill my days. (Butler offers wine, Warrior of Light and Aymeric refuse. Butler meticulously prepares tea instead).  Though I have lived in these lands my entire life, to hear you speak of them, there is much and more I have yet to see. Truly, yours was a marvelous journey. 
Warrior of Light: (Though perhaps a bit long for my liking. / Why not join me on the next? / It wasn't all sunshine and lemoncakes.) -> Why not join me on the next? 
Aymeric: Hah! Well...truth be told, when I think back on the sweeping vistas of the Churning Mists, I do feel some slight pangs of wanderlust... Alas, much as I would like to accept your invitation, I fear my present duties with the House of Lords demand my undivided attention. Someday, perhaps. (looks down). By your deeds, you have helped us to lay the foundation for lasting reform. The formation of the republic is but the beginning, for it is not only our system of governance which must needs change. We the people must learn to let go of our hatreds and rise above our bloody past. I only pray that I live long enough to see us achieve some measure of success - that I might know the lost did not die in vain. I can still see you there, on the Steps of Faith, striding fearlessly towards the wyrm... If you could do that, who are we to balk at the challenges ahead? The question of how best to strengthen ties with the other great nations of Eorzea has been debated at length in the Lords and Commons of late. As you may imagine, maintaining stability during this period of historic upheaval is our paramount concern. Nevertheless, we are greatly indebted to the Alliance for their support during the grand melee, and it would be remiss of us not to repay their faith in kind. Of course, we owe you the greatest debt of all, and it is my hope in extending our support to you and the Scions, we might also express our gratitude to our neighbors - nay, our fellow Eorzeans, whom we pray you will continue to protect. The Lords and Commons agree on very little, but not a soul in either house begrudges your order this offer of patronage. For all you have done and will do, we thank you. (Warrior of Light and Aymeric toast eachother). Now that the dust has settled, what will you do? Not as a Scion, I mean, but...what do you want for yourself? 
House Fortemps Knight: Lord Commander, pray forgive the interruption! 
Aymeric: News from House Fortemps? 
House Fortemps Knight: An urgent message for the Warrior of Light. I was instructed to deliver it without delay. Master Thancred returned to the manor a short time ago, bearing an injured maiden. Master Leveilleur and Mistress Tataru are tending to her wounds, but they like not her chances. Respectfully, my lord - they have requested the Warrior of Light's immediate presence. 
Aymeric: You must go to them, my friend. And I shall go with you. 
Narrator: For every ending marks a new beginning. From tragedy and sacrifice we rise to greet a new dawn. As did she. Only to be drawn unto another battlefield, another cause, as if by fate...

Return to Fortemps Manor

Aymeric: (Alisaie is lying down coughing next to Alphinaud) Is that...?
Thancred: Alisaie, Alphinaud's twin sister. She ran afoul of the Warriors of Darkness. I had been tracking them since the ceremony at Falcon's Nest. Little did I know I was not the only one. Evidently she had learned of their activities and attempted to shadow them on her own. Poorly. I rescued her in the Twelveswood, and together we fled north. But though I made every effort to cover our tracks, they caught up with us on the Ishgardian border, and in the ensuing struggle, Alisaie took an arrow to the shoulder. 'Twas only after we had made good our escape that I realized it was poisoned...
Alphinaud: Thank you for coming so quickly. And you, Ser Aymeric. 
Aymeric: Think nothing of it. How is she? 
Alphinaud: We have done all we can for now. Although the immediate danger has passed, the poison yet lingers in her blood...

Alphinaud's Flashback

Alphinaud: We came to Eorzea together, hoping to bring salvation to the realm our grandfather gave his life to protect. But when confronted with the bitter realities of its politics and its petty powermongers, she was driven to anger - and to doubt. She refused to become embroiled in what she termed Eorzea's "squabbles," and distanced herself from the Scions. Though she remained hopeful of a brighter future, she would walk her own path. Would that it had not been so perilous... For all our differences, she is as dedicated as any Scion to the salvation of Eorzea. But more than that, she is my sister.. To be reunited with her, only to lose her forever... Gods, even to speak the words...
Aymeric: Take heart, Master Alphinaud. She will be attended to by our most skilled chirurgeons. Bear Mistress Leveilleur to the infirmary at once. Apprise Captain Whitecape of the situation, and inform him that she is to be treated as my personal charge. 
Alisaie: W-Wait.... D-Don't go... Please, come closer...(Everyone turns to the Warrior of Light, who approaches). The Warriors of Darkness are in league with the Ascians... Slaughtering the primals is but the first step in their plan...They make for Xelphatol to bring about Garuda's summoning... And to kill her...You must... You must stop them...(Alisaie's eyes close).
Tataru: I...I shall inform the others at once! 
Aymeric: Master Thancred - I would ask that you accompany Mistress Leveilleur to the infirmary. Your knowledge of her injuries may well prove useful in determining her treatment. 
Thancred: Of course.

Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: Surely, surely they won't let her... <sigh> Yes, yes, I know. We must trust in Captain Whitecape and his chirurgeons. Did they not bring Estinien back from the very brink of death? ... I am uncomfortably reminded of how he mocked me for praying at his bedside for days on end. What say you, my friend? Shall we turn our attention to a matter whose conclusion we have yet the power to influence?