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Promises Kept

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Promises Kept

Promises Kept Image.png
Quest giver
House Fortemps Knight
The Pillars (X:11, Y:11)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 908
Previous quest
Litany of Peace
Next quest
Shadows of the First

A new day dawns in Ishgard, and the House Fortemps knight has tidings for you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Now that the excitement of recent days has given way to some semblance of new normality, Ser Aymeric de Borel, fresh from his appointment as lord speaker of the House of Lords, has extended to you a formal invitation to dine with him at his estate. It would seem that your long-overdue drink with the lord commander is at last at hand -- should you so desire.
  • The evening at Borel Manor surpasses all expectation. In between several courses of the finest cuisine you have ever tasted, you and Ser Aymeric discuss subjects great and small. The conversation flows as smoothly as the wine, and for the first time in ages, you feel at peace. Yet all good things must come to an end, and this respite is no exception, for when a House Fortemps herald suddenly arrives and declares that Thancred has returned with an injured maiden who may not live through the night, you know what you must do.
  • The maiden is revealed to be none other than Alisaie, Alphinaud's twin sister, who had long ago decided to part ways with her brother. Thancred explains that after tracking the Warriors of Darkness for some time, he discovered that she too had attempted to learn more of the enigmatic adventurers. Alas, her efforts were rather less subtle than his, and Thancred was forced to spirit her away to Ishgard. Struck by a poisoned arrow as they fled, Alisaie now teeters on the brink of death, but before being passed into the care of the chirurgeons, she musters the strength to warn you of Garuda's imminent summoning in Xelphatol -- and of the primal's planned death at the hands of the Warriors of Darkness.
  • Realizing that he can do naught else for his sister, Alphinaud places his faith in Captain Whitecape and bids you join him in addressing a matter whose conclusion you may yet influence. The Warriors of Darkness are conspiring with the Ascians to goad the Ixal into summoning their patron deity, and only you have the power to stop them.