Lightning Shard

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Lightning Shard

Item type
Weaver frame icon.png 9
Alchemist frame icon.png 5

A tiny crystalline manifestation of aetheric lightning energy.

— In-game description

Lightning Shards are crystals made up of aetheric lightning-aspected energy. Like all crystals, they are used by crafting classes as a catalyst to synthesize items.



Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Dreamer (2016) Old Gridania (10.3, 9.1) Fortune egg icon1.png 2


- level 5 mineral node (mining) at Central thanalan, just north Uldah (around 19, 26)
- level 5 lush vegetation patch (botanist) at Central Thanalan, The Clutch (24, 20)


Levinlight Seeds

Quest Reward

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
We Must Rebuild Main Scenario quest 4 Momodi
Gyrodriven Daily quest 3 Methuli Cattlan the Hard
An Empty Sack Cannot Hang Downright Daily quest 6 Rozol Cattlan the Prudent
Getting into Gear Daily quest 10 Tazel Meyean the Lettered
In the Court of the Rat King Sidequest 9 Zezeda
Ticked Off Sidequest 5 Imme
Way of the Weaver Feature quest 1 Maronne
My First Needle Class quest 1 Redolent Rose
Once More unto the Breeches Class quest 5 Redolent Rose
Alternative Applications Class quest 10 Redolent Rose
Way of the Alchemist Feature quest 1 Deitrich
My First Alembic Feature quest 1 Severian
The Second Principle Feature quest 5 Severian
All of Your Beeswax Feature quest 10 Severian

Used For

Crystals are used as catalysts in every crafting recipe. Not every single recipe will use Lightning Shards, but those that do are too numerous to list.

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