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Sidequest.pngWestern Thanalan Quest

Quest Giver Imme - Western Thanalan (x26, y24)
Requirements Level 5
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 560    Gil 132
Lightning shard icon1.png




  • Examine Slugger and slay any parasites you find.
  • Speak with Slugger.
  • Speak with Imme.


  • Imme of Scorpion Crossing is worried about the condition of her chocobo.
  • Imme fears that her chocobo, Slugger, is the unwilling host of a parasite ladybug. Examine her bird and kill any parasites that you find.
  • You have slain the parasite ladybug that was plaguing Slugger. The chocobo is now looking at you intently, as if it has something it wants to say...
  • Lessened one bloodsucking parasite ladybug, Slugger has made an immediate and complete recovery. Speak to Imme once more.
  • Imme is immensely grateful to you for saving Slugger, and goes on to speak about the role of chocobos in Eorzea's shipment of cargo over land, and the importance of maintaining the birds' health.

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