Sweet Words, Shadowy Dealings

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Sweet Words, Shadowy Dealings

Sweet Words Shadowy Dealings.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle

Experience 0
Gil 1,417

The Deputy Postmoogle has a letter requiring delivery to a dashing band of players.

— In-game description




  • The deputy postmoogle has a letter requiring delivery to a dashing band of players.
  • The deputy postmoogle has entrusted you with a missive from an Ul'dahn merchant to the renowned Gridanian minstrel troupe, the Homunculi. Deliver the letter to their leader, Augustiniel, at the Greatloam Growery, where they are wont to rehearse.
  • Augustiniel rejoice upon receiving the letter, explaining that his band has found the patron that they have been seeking to fund their long-sought musical tour of Eorzea. The joyous moment is interrupted by Maisenta of Black Rabbit Traders, the Homunculi's longstanding patron, who is most distressed to hear that her beloved band will be breaking their partnership and seeking sponsorship elsewhere. Sensing something amiss with the Ul'dahn trader's offer, she solicits your aid. Rendezvous with her out of earshot beneath the bridge near the Leatherworkers' Guild.
  • You rendezvous with Maisenta under the bridge. Reiterating her misgivings, she enlists you to canvass the markets for any rumors that may shed light on disreputable dealings by Ul'dahn merchants.
  • The three merchants you questioned spoke freely of rumors regarding the attacks on Black Rabbit supply wagons. One merchant went so far as to imply that the Ul'dahns were behind the attacks, while another-- while harboring no such suspicions of misdeeds-- observed that Rishushu has been known to submit reports to her homeland. Return to the rendezvous point beneath the bridge and share your findings with Maisenta.
  • The information you have gleaned seems to have confirmed Maisenta's suspicions, as she entreats your aid in carrying out a plan to bring the perpetrators to justice. Take the document she has prepared as part of this stratagem and deliver it to the self-styled "independent" merchant Rishushu at the Ebony Stalls.
  • Rishushu takes quite an interest in the documents you have provided, even promising you a share of the profits they will presumably bring her. Has this exchange gone according to Maisenta's plans? Report to the Black Rabbit consignor at the rendezvous point beneath the bridge and see what comes next.
  • With your report further confirming Maisenta's suspicions, she is then visited upon by an associate of Rishushu's, who has been successfully persuaded to pilfer a few documents from his employer's books. All together, the documents point strongly to a connection between Rishushu and the disreputable Baert Trading Company, which has hired brigands to further their shady agenda. Fearing that lives and valued cargo are at stake, she urges you to make for the road southwest of White Wolf Gate in the Central Shroud, that a potential ambush might be averted.
  • You successfully dispatch the brigands and acquire a bill that stands as incontrovertible proof of the involvement of the Baert Trading Company. Deliver it to Maisenta at her place of business in the Knot.
  • Maisenta is overjoyed, as your efforts have afforded her with the evidence she needs to confront Rishushu and, in the process, win her beloved minstrel troupe back to her side once and for all. Hurry to the Gridanian airship landing and present the shifty trader with the incriminating documentation.
  • Caught red-handed with evidence of her wrongdoings, Rishushu repents. Though she swears that she was not complicit in the attacks on the Black Rabbit supply wagons, she acknowledges that her single-minded pursuit of profit caused to her to turn a blind eye to the underside of her chosen partners, obstructing Maisenta's efforts at honest trade and putting innocent lives at stake. Maisenta, ever willing to make a deal, offers to look the other way in exchange for Rishushu's promise that she will meddle with neither the Homunculi nor Black Rabbit Traders' business again. Observing their patron's ruthless relentlessness in achieving her aims, the honey-tongued bards are quick to change their tune and sing Maisenta's praises. With a revitalized Black Rabbit Traders backing them, their long-awaited realm-wide debut is doubtless close at hand.