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Main Scenario Quest icon.png


Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.6, Y:11.1)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 3,420
Gil 0
Previous quest
Just Deserts
Next quest
Thanks a Million
Keeping It Fresh

Baderon, the proprietor of the Drowning Wench, has a suggestion to put you on the road towards new adventures.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • With the Skylift the focus of all the cargo passing over the Descent, the workers there have little time to tend to any other tasks that might arise. Make your way to the area and speak with Wyrkrhit, the head of the operation.
  • The Skylift is being overwhelmed with the constant flood of cargo needed for the restoration efforts. Offer what aid you can, and help prevent the operation from grinding to a halt.


Upon Accepting the Quest

Baderon: 'Ow do ye fare, Forename? Rested and ready to expand yer 'orizons?

Baderon: Well, then, I've an idea o' where ye might try 'eadin' next. 'Ave ye 'eard o' the Skylift out in middle La Noscea?

Baderon: If ye've ever visited Woad Whisper Canyon, then ye must've been up and down the thing at least once. It's that big bleedin' scaffoldin' attached to the Descent.

Baderon: Ye've likely seen the lads and lasses out there usin' it to 'aul cargo up the cliff face. 'Ard labor, that, and I 'ear they could use an enterprisin' soul to pick up the odd jobs what no other bugger 'as time to deal with.

Baderon: Track down the 'ead o' the operation─bloke by the name o' Wyrkrhit─and 'e'll be sure to put ye to work on a task or two.

At the Skylift

Wyrkrhit: Baderon sent ye out here, did he? Then consider yerself welcome at the Skylift.

Wyrkrhit: Look at that bloody cliff, will ye? One blast o' fiery hell from that huge dragon was all it took to split the ground in half.

Wyrkrhit: Cargo still needs to get through, though, so this mess o' wood an' pulleys was our solution to the problem.

Wyrkrhit: Well, one of 'em, at least. If the gods were kind─an' they ain't─I'd have about a dozen more workers to handle me growin' list o' headaches...